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6 Positive Things that Can You Do Without Gadgets and Internet

Since the development of smartphone technology, gadgets, and the Internet, these things are no longer as a supplement only. Not aware, now that the objects it has become a necessity that can not be separated from everyday life.

You learn, work, play, and even recreation were sometimes still use the gadgets and the Internet. But what would you do if all those things do not exist? The following six positive things that you can do without the gadgets and the Internet.

Positive Things that Can You Do Without Gadgets and Internet

1. Gather with family 

Gather with family
When was the last time you eat or gather with family? Chat with your mother and father, or mingle with your brother or sister. Without the gadgets and the Internet, you can come back together with the family, such as a dinner or a holiday together.

2. Road and Eat Together Friend  

Road and Eat Together Friend
Togethers, road, and eat with my friends, eh instead focus on their respective smartphones. Never was you ngerasain it. Most young people today are more focused on social media for his own life rather than life in the real world. Better you turn off the smartphone for a while, and enjoy exciting moments with your friends, guys!

3. Body Also Need Sports

Body Also Need Sports
Useless also install applications that sport in the smartphone but you rarely exercise. After the bustle of everyday life, the body needs exercise too, guys! A time to light exercise, such as jogging or cycling. No need for long, at least 15 minutes a day. This can you do with your family or friends.

4. Sharpen Skills Cooking

Sharpen Skills Cooking
Have a hobby cook, without gadgets and the Internet you can also really hone your cooking skills. Take the time to buy a recipe book or just ask your mother, and do not forget to buy the material is yes. No need to cook complicated-complicated. You can make a cake or pudding, for example. Do not forget to share the results of your food to people nearby.

5. Playing Music or TTS 

Playing Music
You also need entertainment, right? Without the gadgets and the Internet, you're not going to be able to listen to music or streaming YouTube videos. Playing music can be one solution. If you have a guitar at home, do not be left alone, hone your ability to play the guitar again. If you can not make music, you can really take a while crosswords. In addition to sharpening the mind, it also adds to your knowledge, is not it?

6. Do not Forget the Rest

Do not Forget the Rest
Remember, you were not a robot. Body needs rest as well as possible. Without the gadgets and the Internet, you must be a break with the maximum may even be able to sleep more soundly because it is not exposed to radiation from the smartphone.

7. Increase the Faith Worship

Increase the Faith Worship
Do not forget to worship. You also should increase faith in accordance with the religion and beliefs of each. Without the gadgets and the Internet, very fitting for you to add the science of religion. Socialize with friends in the faith can also strengthen kinship.

Well, that was 7 positive things you can do without the gadgets and the Internet. Apparently a lot also the positive things you can do. Do you have any other way? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments yes!

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