Microsoft Capuch the Company Cyber Security $ 100 million

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Microsoft Capuch the Company Cyber Security $ 100 million
Microsoft reportedly has agreed to acquire a cyber security company called Hexadite with a dowry worth $ 100 million.

Hexadite is a company with headquarters in Boston, USA. But the company has a research and development center located in Israel, according to Reuters.

The company is a cyber security service provider, focusing on technology to automate responses to cyber attacks. This so-called automation step can increase productivity and reduce business costs.

There are a number of big names listed as investors in Hexadite, one of which is Hewlett Packard Ventures. Microsoft has so far refused to comment on this news, nor did the Hexadite.

This news is in line with Microsoft's plans revealed in January. At that time Microsoft announced its commitment to invest more than $ 1 billion annually for research and development in the field of cyber security.

And to date the most beneficial country of commitment is Israel.

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