Tencent is rumored to be making eSports Park Theme in China

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Chinese giant Tencent announces one of its big moves, which is sure to be good news for gamers.

How come? The company that has purchased SuperCell for US $ 10.2 billion will build a theme park or eSports theme park in the city of Wuhu, China.

In an announcement on the Wuhu website, the recreation park will have a game university, creative area, an animation industry area, and a cloud-based Tencent technology area.

Not to forget, this park is reportedly also will be equipped with an area in to organize a national tournament.

Interestingly, Wuhu is not the only city where Tencent will build a recreational park.

Reportedly, they are also building an Honor of Kings theme park in Chengdu City, where the game developers are located.

For the uninitiated, Honor of Kings is a very big game in China. Successfully reaching 50 million active users since 2015, estimated revenue earned by this game reached RMB 3 billion per month.

Unfortunately there has been no further information on the target of this recreation park completed, as well as detailed parks to be built.

However, for a company as big as Tencent, it seems that we need not hesitate with the steps he chooses.

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