Birth Android O Final Version Reveal Pixel Secrets 2

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Birth Android O Final Version Reveal Pixel Secrets 2
Android O final version touted will be strolling in the next few months. Along with that, the mystery of Pixel 2 began to unfold.

Google itself has actually released Android O version of build or development for Pixel and Nexus phones. Now circulating information if Android O final version will be present in August. Google is said to be releasing it around the second week of the month.

But its appearance is not going to be directly felt by many mobile phones. As reported by Phone Arena, Android O final version could only be tested exclusively by Pixel users and also some Nexus series.

Fire regardless of it, information about the final version of Android O this reveals another Google secret. Mentioned, when the final version of Android O launches August, then Google is predicted to wait about a month or two to announce Pixel 2.

That is, the birth of Pixel 2 may occur in September or October.

But of course the guess is still speculation. Moreover, information about Pixel 2 is fairly minimal. So to prove the truth is to wait until the time already mentioned.

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