R2-D2 Star Wars Robot Sold Out US $ 2.75 Million Through Auction

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R2-D2 Star Wars Robot Sold Out US $ 2.75 Million Through Auction
Having an object used in historic films is not always expensive. However, it is not the case for the R2-D2 robot that always appears in the phenomenal movie Star Wars.

Recently, the best friend of the C-3PO robot was successfully sold at a fantastic price of US $ 2.75 million in Profiles in History, an auction house in Calabasas, California, USA.

Star Wars lovers must know that the R2-D2 droid not only appears in one Star Wars movie, but also all five series, including Episode IV, V, VI, I, and II.

Citing the CNET page, the R2-D2 components sold consist of the top dome and R2-D2 eyepiece filmed in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Meanwhile, the legs are derived from the foot component of R2-D2 which was filmed in the episode of The Empire Strikes Nack, while the other one is from the episode of The Phantom Menace. Then, the body part of the robot is the body of R2-D2 that was filmed in the episode A New Hope.

Not only the R2-D2 robot, at the same time, Luke Skywalker's weapon, Lightsaber that appeared on A New Hope episode and The Empire Strikes Back was also auctioned. The Jedi weapons were sold for US $ 390,000. 

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