SpaceX delayed the launch of Falcon 9

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Falcon 9
SpaceX delayed the launch of the Falcon 9 to February 21 rocket to inspect the front of the rocket. Initially, the Falcon 9 rocket will slide on February 18 from Vandenberg Air Force, California. The rocket will be used to deliver the first Starlink broadband satellite from SpaceX and Paz satellite from Spain to orbit.

On Saturday, a SpaceX spokesperson announced that it needed more time to do a final check on the front of the rocket that serves to protect the load carried by Falcon 9.

"The team at Vandenberg needs extra time to do a final check on the payload shield," wrote a SpaceX representative on Twitter.

"The charge and the rocket remain unproblematic because of the requirements to be met, now the PAZ launch target is on February 21."

SpaceX has upgraded the rocket protector as part of their efforts to find ways to re-use the front of the rocket.

Prior to this, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the rocket cargo protector has a price of around US $ 5 million. So, if SpaceX can get back to using rocket fairing, then they can save on launch costs.

This month, Musk said that SpaceX is getting closer to finding a way to re-use the front of the rocket.

SpaceX has been experimenting with pairing parachutes on a rocket fairing and making a ship equipped with an iron hand that aims to catch a fairing before it falls overboard.

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