Microsoft plans to bring Cortana integration on the Outlook version of Android and iOS.

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After Microsoft Outlook and iOS boss Javier Soltero became the leader of the Cortana team, a new report claims that Microsoft plans to bring a digital assistant to the email app.

Cortana integration on the Outlook version of Android and iOS is now undergoing the testing process internally. If the test results are positive, this feature will be officially released as part of the beta program before the final version is released.

The report also mentions that Cortana integration will allow Outlook users on Android and iOS to take advantage of voice control features, one of which is the option to read out loud messages.

In addition, users will also be able to ask questions like "What's my email?", As well as read messages sent by specific contacts in Outlook.

Unfortunately, it's still too early to predict the beta launch time of the update for this Android and iOS Outlook. The reason, Cortana integration is now still in the process of internal testing.

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