12 Capabilities We Missing Due Advanced Technology

The main objective is to facilitate a technology invented human activity.

Even so, with increasingly dipermudahnya humans with technology, it turns out there are quite harmful side effects for its users. The most severe was able to eliminate certain abilities of users.

What are the capabilities are missing? Here is a list of our abilities lost due to increasingly sophisticated technology.


Capabilities We Lost Due to Technology

1. Counting

Currently, there are more applications Calculator which can be downloaded free and easy. The calculator would facilitate you to perform calculations, either simple or complex matter.

Since the appearance of the calculator, many people are starting to rely on the calculator as a tool counted. Ability calculate the person slowly goes away and is replaced by a calculator.

2. Communicating with Others   

Communicating with Others
Communicating with others is certainly important thing to do. However, since the advent of technologies such as smartphones, laptops and others, talk or communicate with other people become very rare.

Most of them focused on his smartphone, and do not try to talk to others. If it is constantly left unchecked, will certainly make a person's ability to speak especially to the new people will shrink.

3. Meet with others

Meet with others
Still something like the previous point. Ability to meet other people almost disappeared due to the video call application that can be used on PCs as well as smartphones.

4. Navigation Capabilities

Navigation Capabilities
Prior to the Maps Online, people can read the navigation map, determine the direction that we want to pass out, memorize places and so on.

However, now we are made easy with Maps or maps online. With the help of Maps, you do not need any more trouble to determine which direction you want to go places.

Google Maps even told you the best and fastest route to reach the destination. In this way, over time the human ability to read the navigation will disappear.

5. Check the Facts

Check the Facts
Some time before the Internet, people use reference books or go to the library to obtain facts or information you want to find the truth.

Nowadays, people can easily check a fact of Wikipedia. In fact, the source of the information in Wikipedia is not necessarily true after all.

6. Writing

Writing increasingly rare since their computer, laptop or smartphone. Most of them would rather type than write.

If this is increasingly being done, it is possible that people will lose the ability to write it.

7. Given a Phone Number

Given a Phone Number
Remember phone numbers also become one of the human ability is increasingly lost. In fact, by considering at least three telephone numbers, will save you from emergencies that may occur.

8. Knowing the Qiblat

Knowing the Qiblat
In ancient times, people have a special way to know the direction of Qibla somewhere.

With the growing sophistication of technology, there are now a variety of applications Qibla direction indicator that can be directly used to determine the direction of Qibla accurately and quickly.

Through the application, of course people do not need to read the movement of the stars or the sun to figure out where the Qibla direction and over time such capabilities will disappear by itself.

9. Walk

Hiking seldom done by modern people today, especially those living in big cities.

Most of them use private or public transportation to get to a certain place.

By constantly using modes of transport especially now that there are transport services online, of course users can experience the accumulation of fat due to less walking, exercise and can increase the risk of various diseases.

10. Make a Fire

Make a Fire
The ability to make fire with the aid of steel, wood or other primitive way might have been very rarely used these days.

This is because many modern ways to start a fire, ranging from using matches, lighters or electric stove.

11. Spelling

Spell a word or phrase has also become one of the human capacity lost due to advanced technology.

Currently the smartphone has autocorrect system, which can improve our writing automatically if there is a typo. With so users do not have to worry if his spelling is incorrect.

12. Putting Technology       

Putting Technology
This is quite important, and many people are starting to lose the ability of this one. Laying the technology can make you feel freer than before.

However, now people are very difficult to abandon the technology. The above video will tell you about the many things that can be done by disabling technology.

Those are some of our abilities lost due to increasingly sophisticated technology. If you have other skills, do not forget to share in the comments field.