15 Smartphone Front Camera for Selfie

Who does not know with a photograph of the artist who did selfie-do at the Oscars? The picture was torn into a scene as the trend of global selfie. The impact, you will often find a photo of your friend who was doing selfies on Facebook, Path or Twitter.

It did not escape the attention of the vendor to deliver the best selfie smartphone support. The latest range of smartphones is presented with the support of the front camera high to be able to produce the best selfie photo. Well, here's 15 of the best front camera smartphone:

Here Smartphone Best Front Camera

Because the easiest selfie with the front camera, it is no wonder if in the end smartphone vendors were present to support the front camera features that qualified. Not only presents the best smartphone with a front camera, some vendors even innovating in order to provide the best selfie experience.

1. OPPO F1s


For you lovers selfie, it was not possible deh kalo not know OPPO F1s. For weapons selfie, smartphone is equipped with a front camera 16MP! While only a 13MP camera own back. But not only that, which is no less unique is the fact that this smartphone turns equipped with metal body and a fingerprint sensor to ensure safety during use.

2. OPPO F1 Plus


As an upgraded version of the F1s OPPO, OPPO F1 Plus equally selfie smartphone that carries a similar design. The difference, OPPO F1 Plus equipped with the support of RAM and a larger internal memory. Not only that, the chipset used smartphone is also higher than its predecessor. In terms of selfie camera, the smartphone is still equipped with a front camera 16MP.

3. Vivo X7


Equally came from the bamboo curtain, trying to overtake Vivo OPPO with the release selfie Vivo X7 smartphone. Interestingly, the first of the best selfie smartphone Vivo is not only superior to the front camera 16MP and 16MP camera behind it is the same, but also support 4GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor. Speaking of price, the price is slightly higher Vivo from OPPO F1s, and less than OPPO F1 Plus. Uniquely, the front camera Vivo X7 is equipped with LED Flash.

4. Vivo X7 Plus


Vivo X7 Plus is a larger version of Vivo X7 with a 5.7-inch screen. While terms of the camera and the runway, all the same. What distinguishes also is the battery capacity Vivo Plus larger X7, which is 4000 mAh.

5. ZTE Nubia N1


As selfie smartphone, ZTE Nubia N1 equipped with a 13MP front camera is obviously very qualified to take photos clearly. The kitchen was redone was not kidding, this smartphone powered 3GB of RAM to run Helio P10 chipset carries. Cool, right? Do not stop there, the best selfie smartphone battery is super durable battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

6. ASUS ZenFone Selfie


ASUS never stopped to make a breakthrough. Having previously issued first smartphone that brings RAM 4 GB via Asus Zenfone 2, this time turn the Asus Zenfone Selfie which hit the market. By carrying forward 13MP camera is equipped with LED Flash Dual-tone, I wonder if Asus Zenfone Selfie included in the list of the best smartphone cameras JalanTikus version. Not only that, with an affordable price, this smartphone also offers 3GB of RAM.

7. Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro


Present in the line of Vibe X, is almost certain aspects of the camera is of particular concern Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro. Not only equipped with a 13MP rear camera with the latest sensors that make shooting more quickly, but the front camera is also equipped with a 13MP resolution. Unfortunately, despite carrying a higher specification than the Lenovo Vibe X2, this smartphone has not been officially present in Indonesia. But this does not necessarily preclude Jaka to include it in the list of best smartphones with a front camera.

8. Xperia C5 Ultra Dual


Sony is focusing on photography besutannya smartphone also looked at trends Xperia selfie through C5 Ultra Dual. No half-hearted Xperia C5 is equipped with a front camera and 13MP. Not only that, which makes Jaka put it in the front line of smartphones with the best camera is due to the presence of the support LED flash and autofocus features in front of the camera. And do not forget, this Sony.

9. Sony Xperia M5 Dual


Not because it comes from Sony, but with a 13MP front camera support and support features that resist water brought Xperia M family, it was not possible Jaka miss the Sony Xperia smartphone lineup M5 Dual of the best front camera. Although LED Flash support absent on the Sony Xperia Dual M5, but the main camera has been equipped with a resolution of 21 MP. Sure not interested at this smartphone?

10. HTC Desire Eye


Not be outdone by Sony, HTC also presents anti-selfie smartphone her water via HTC Desire Eye. Although not as good as Sony who pocketed IP68 certification, but the HTC Desire Eye can be relied upon for anti-air affair. Selfie his weapon is a 13MP camera which is powered by dual-tone LED flash. With support for dual-tone LED flash, allowing this smartphone to deliver results selfie sharp and looks natural even in the dark though. There were objections Jaka enter this smartphone in the list of best smartphones with a front camera?

11. HTC One E9+


The price offered by the HTC One E9 + is fairly expensive, but thanks to the front camera support 13MP brought, then the HTC One E9 + also successfully entered the ranks of the best smartphone with a front camera. Which makes this smartphone is priced so high is the support of Quad HD 1440x2560 screen, 3 GB RAM, as well as a powerful 20MP main camera.

12. HTC Butterfly 3


Smartphone lineup with the next best front camera comes from HTC again. Through HTC Butterfly 3 is equipped with a 13MP front camera, HTC went on to become the champion who dominated the list of best smartphones with a front camera. Not only mempu brings front camera as a 13MP selfie weapon, armed mainly two aspects photographic camera with 20 MP sensor. Results are guaranteed jepretannya sharp professional tub. Not to know when to enter in Indonesia, but its presence is much anticipated gadget enthusiast worldwide.

13. ZTE Blade S7


Success of concern over the presence of ZTE Blade S6, then at the end of 2015 and then, ZTE ZTE Blade back kicked through S7. Armed main camera and front camera 13MP, ZTE Blade smartphone S7 eligible to enter the list of the best front camera. Support fingerprint and Mifavor innovative in making ZTE Blade smartphone S7 much anticipated global presence.

14. OPPO N3


Introduced in 2014, the smartphone becomes the successor of OPPO N1 that initiate innovation first rotating camera. By bringing the rotating camera is equipped with 16 megapixel camera sensor, allowing you to use the front camera with a resolution of 16 MP-backed LED Flash and auto focus feature. With a camera function that can be rotated 270 degrees as the front camera or the rear camera, the OPPO N3 was worthy entry into the ranks of the best smartphone with a front camera.

15. Huawei Honor 7i


OPPO did not want to fall behind by a rotating camera that brings innovation, Huawei in 2015 and introduced the Huawei Honor 7i being the first smartphone with a folding camera. With a resolution of 13MP main camera that can be folded to be used as a front camera, anyone who does not agree that this smartphone was listed as the best smartphone with a front camera? If you do not agree because the camera can be folded, you have to look also support 32 GB of internal memory, 3 GB RAM and Snapdragon chipset 616 carries.