3 Million Threatened Malware Cheap Android Smartphone, What's Yours Too?

Since its introduction in 2008 ago, the Android operating system has improved greatly in the last 8 years. Because of the large share of Android, from cheap to expensive, many can be found in the Android smartphone market.

If you are very sensitive to price when buying a smartphone, it's time to be careful. Because, now millions of cheap Android smartphone is rumored to have been infected with malware! A Yours Too?

Malware in Android Smartphone Deals

3 Million Threatened Malware Cheap Android Smartphone, What's Yours Too?
Reporting from ArsTechnica, reportedly returned malicious malware found on many Android smartphones factory default. According BitSight, loopholes in the operating system's security has infected more than 3 million units of the Android smartphone. Most of those infected are inexpensive Chinese-made Android circulating in the US, such as Blu, Infinix, Doogee, Xolo and Leagoo.

Do you use one of these smartphones? If so, more dangerous, because you can not find the security hole easily. Because of this vulnerability in the firmware installed artificial Ragentek so that there is in the system root. 

"What we're worried about is the fact that most users are not aware of this vulnerability, and they will not get the update," said CTO BitSight, Stephen Boyer 
 Because in the root system, this malware can access all device data, then sends it to a server in China. Spooky is not it? Still want to buy a cheap Android smartphone? Remember, there is no way the price tablets.