3 Practical Ways to Backup Data

Each computer components will one day definitely broken and the hard disk is a computer component that is most easily damaged unexpectedly.In a hard disk, there is a sleeve with a reading mat suspended on a rotating disc 5,400 or 7,200 times per minute.

A collision can directly damage the hard disk. The biggest disadvantage when the hard disk is faulty rather than on a physical hard disk itself but to the loss of data stored on it.

Physical damage to the hard disk can be replaced by new with warranty claims or buy a new unit. 

Loss of data stored in it may not be able to return again unless they use hard disk recovery services which are expensive even more expensive than the price of physical hard disk itself.

Backup is the solution. By having a backup, we are free from worry will lose valuable data.When is the right time for backups? 28% of people do a backup once a month, 14% of people do a backup once a week and only 7% who do backups every day. 

In principle the more frequent backups, the better, but in practice just once a day. How many backups to be made? The principle is the more backup then the data we will be more secure, but in general practice 2 backups are placed in different locations is enough.

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Here are 3 ways of data backup:

1) Burn to DVD 

Burn To DVD
A DVD can hold data up to 4.7GB capacity. With a price less than $ 1 / piece, DVD became one of the backup data is relatively inexpensive. Disadvantages backups this way is relatively less practical in the search data we need than any other backup way to put all the data on one media.

2) Copy to external hard drive

Copy to external hard drive
How to backup this one is the most popular because of the convenience offered external hard disk to access the data stored on it (just connect to the USB port of computer / laptop) and easy to carry. Unlike DVDs, external hard disk on the market very many kinds.

3) Upload to the Internet

Upload to the Internet
Call it this way is the way of the future backup. Securing data is never as easy as uploading it to the internet. No longer need to carry / store DVDs or external hard disk, we can access the backup back us whenever and wherever we need.  

Disadvantages way to backup this one is the quality of internet connection in Indonesia is relatively stable and has not been evenly distributed.

We can backup our data to upload to the Internet through a service created specifically for storing data. So the discussion of this article may help you. Do not forget to leave komtentar in the column below if you want to ask.   

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