3 Tips to Clean PC Desktop Display

For some users, may feel comfortable with the number of shortcut menus and applications installed on the device. But not all users feel the same way. They want to see the desktop look clean and elegant impression.

Here are three ways to cope with a cluttered desktop PC, as reported by PCWorld.

3 Tips to Clean PC Desktop Display 

3 Tips to Clean PC Desktop Display

Hide Icon

This is equivalent to an ancient strategy to clean up a messy room with a variety of goods. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop. Choose View> Show desktop icons. By unchecking the Show desktop icons, all icons that appear will be deleted from your desktop.

You can restore it by clicking on the menu again. The actual icon is not actually deleted, but only hidden it.

Hide Taskbar  

Hiding the Taskbar in Windows old versions will add to your desktop space. It is also a classic way, but enough to clean up your desktop.

In Windows 10, right-click the taskbar at the blank space and select Settings. Then turn on automatically labeled slider to hide the taskbar in desktop mode. In previous versions of Windows, right-click the taskbar and select Properties. Then a new menu will appear. Under the Taskbar tab check the box labeled Auto-hide the taskbar. Then press Apply and OK.

functional Wallpaper  

This is quite complicated to use, but enough to help you. There are a number of desktop wallpaper that lets you organize files into categories, such as files, pictures, personal, business, and so forth.

Lifehacker website provides a variety of these wallpapers. You can set the wallpaper as your desktop background, and then drop the file to the appropriate place in the category of application, media, documents and others. Thus, the display icon you look presentable.