4 Gaming Laptop Alienware Equals Rare Quality!

Who does not want to have a gaming laptop like the Dell Alienware, ASUS ROG or Razer Blade? Premium laptop line is already very well known quality in the world of gaming is certainly due equipped with outstanding features and specifications were amazing.

But you know not, outside of those brands, there are still other brand laptops that not so famous but no less cool it. Well, roughly brand anything that is rarely mentioned but has a myriad of features and outstanding specifications?

4 Rare Brand Laptop Gaming

Rather than guessing what the laptop, you see immediately wrote the following review.

1. Clevo

Clevo is a Taiwanese brand. Although made in Taiwan, it helps you not look at one eye. Because the world of gaming forums average has been acknowledged that this Clevo class with Dell Alienware. Know yourself the quality of the Dell Alienware is like?

2. Sager

Although less well known, Sager has been established since 1985. Plus the warranty it offers able to promise product quality laptop. Investigate a investigate, Clevo and Sager is often cooperate in the launch of their latest products.

3. Aorus

Aorus was established in 2014 in Taiwan. Although it is a Chinese brand, you have to think many times to underestimate this brand. Because the brand is a branch of the company Gigabyte. Shocked not? Rarely heard, but it is a branch of the super brand Gigabyte.

4. Rabook

When it comes to Rabook, frankly Jaka prefer to call Forsa. Why? Because Forsa is a local brand that works with Rabook and distribute these products in Indonesia Rabook.

Well now your gaming laptop choice more and more, right? Where do you think that is good? Leave your opinion in the comments yes! 


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