4 How to Change Laptop Sound Theatres sophisticated!

Make you a movie lover, sometimes because of busy so you can not watch a movie at the cinema. You'd be forced deh watch at home via your laptop or PC. How about using that quality tools for you to watch, already qualified yet? Well, if your appliance is still mediocre audio, you can try the tips in this article.

The easiest way for this time is to install these software so you can simulate cinema audio system to your laptop or PC yours. Wow, huh!

Software to Transform Laptop Audio sophisticated Theaters


Here are some of the free third party applications to convert your laptop so sophisticated in theaters. 

1. Razer Surround 7.1 Gaming Audio Software

Image-Razer Surround 7.1 Gaming Audio Software
If you are a movie lover once gamers, the Razer brand certainly has been no stranger for you. Razer is well known in terms of making a quality gaming equipment. One of them is reserved for gaming audio. Eits, but calm. Although intended for gaming but also for the film could really. Immediately wrote try Razer Gaming Audio 7.1 Surround Software.

2. DFX Audio Enhancer

Image-DFX Audio Enhancer
Other software that you can try that DFX Audio Enhancer. In addition to free, this tool is really complete to satisfy the desire of audio that you need. In contrast to the application made by Razer is simple and compact, this DFX has many customization options menu for you to follow your taste.

3. V4W (Viper4Windows)

Image-V4W (Viper4Windows)
For those of you who like oprek-oprek Android, maybe not the name Viper is already familiar for you. This is one of the best Android apps root used specifically to modify the audio. Concerning the quality is unquestionable. Also available for the Windows version (PC or laptop). But apparently, to try out the quality of the Viper in Windows you need a little patience. Because the application is still under development and not yet released its final version.

4. Hear

Unlike the three previous application destined for the Windows platform, this application is a solution for you who use the Macintosh platform. These applications are broadly similar to that of the DFX, which is a lot of customization on offer to meet the needs. However, for the latter application is not free. You need to spend around $22 to enjoy this app.

Are you interested in thirdparty applications for Virtual Surround 7.1? So now you can watch at home with the quality of sound as cool as in the movies. Leave your opinion in the comments if there are similar software not mentioned above Jaka.


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