4 Application Cool To Make 3D photos on Android

Since it was first introduced, the 3D technology directly attracting the interest of consumers. Even films that dealt with the 3D format was always successful in the market. Likewise, 3D images.

You want to create a 3D photo? With the help of Photoshop on the computer, you can do loh. Requirement is, you have to understand the technique of course. But not just on the computer, now you can easily create 3D photos with the help of an application on Android smartphones.

4 Android App To Create 3D Photos

To create a 3D picture, you do not need to be a Photoshop expert. Some Android apps below will facilitate you in making a 3D photo.

1. PicSay Pro

With a size of only 1MB, PicSay Pro focus as a photo editing application, no frills unique filter or social sharing. So lightweight and suitable for all smartphones.

One unique feature in PicSay Pro is the ability to embed other photos on top of a photograph. With a few simple tweaks, you ordinary photo can be converted into 3D images. Confused how? You can read how to create 3D photos with PicSay Pro in the article How to Make 3D photos without Photoshop.

2. PicsArt

Using the same way as create 3D photos with PicSay Pro, you can create 3D photo PicsArt use. Primacy again, you can use multilayer feature in PicsArt for making various 3D works.

Not only can be used to create a 3D photo, in PicSay you can find many exciting photo editing tutorials. Plus there are hundreds of filters and photo editing tools are ready to use for free. In fact, you can also make photo sketches in PicsArt friend!

3. Phogy 3D Camera

If PicSay Pro and PicsArt is a photo editing application to create 3D images, 3D Phogy Camera is a camera app to create 3D photos are unique and interesting. Because Phogy not only create 3D photo static, but dynamic 3D photos as owned by the iPhone 6s.

With Phogy 3D Camera, you can take 360-degree photos of an object. Later this application will process it for later converted into 3D images that will move with the movements in the smartphone. Cool friend.

4. Fyuse - 3D Photos

Just like Phogy, Fyuse also a camera application to take 360-degree photos to be processed so 3D images. What distinguishes, in Fyuse no social sharing feature that allows you to build a community.

So, who said that it took to make a 3D photo technique classes Photoshop gods? Without special techniques and expensive tools like the iPhone 6S, you can really make a cool 3D photo using photo editing applications, 3D above.Good Luck!