4 Applications of Money for iPhone or iOS and Android

Currently the smartphone have been circulating in the market have been using the operating system or OS were tasked to run all existing applications. There are several operating systems are quite popular or widely used today, including the operating system based on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Each of these platforms or operating systems have an application store or its own apps store that provides a wide range of applications.  

Applications on the apps store is provided according to the needs of its users. Among the wide range of existing applications one of which is the application moneymaker or a dollar that you can use to add your pocket money.

For that technolifes.com will provide information on the Application of Money for iPhone or iOS and Android that can be tried. The app is available for free and paid downloadable on app stores each OS. Here is a collection of applications moneymaker.

4 Applications of Money for iPhone or iOS and Android 

1. Checkpoints

Moneymaker first application was Checkpoints, the application has been downloaded and installed by the user's smartphone. To earn money in this application we will be given a job to do. If we complete the task then we will earn points that can later be redeemed for a wide variety of exciting prizes.

2. App Trailers

App Trailers
App Trailers is further applications which can also generate money for us. How to take advantage of this application is to look at a wide variety of video trailers of various products. If we had seen the video that we are required to reviewing it, be it criticism or suggestions for the product. Once the task is completed we will also earn points as the previous application.

3. EasyShift

In addition to the above two applications, EasyShift also an application that has a proven moneymaker. By utilizing this application we can get money or dollars by doing simple tasks. After the job we do is complete then we will receive payment directly sent to PayPal respectively.

4. Field Agent

Field Agent
The last application you can use to earn money is Field Agent. This application can be utilized to get a dollar from a wide variety of tasks. Wages of the tasks given amount ranging from $ 2 USD to $ 12 USD. The task we will do is quite interesting, so we can choose as you wish.

Such reviews which we can pass on some applications or dollar moneymaker on iOS and Android devices that have been proven. Hopefully useful, and do not forget to continue to visit this blog to get more information about the gadget.

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