4 Danger Install Free Android Apps Gratuitous

Everything is free it is tasty. Who does not like treated to eat? Or given free movie ticket? Even if you can you'll want all the things in this world is free.

Speaking of free, on the Google Play Store loads tuh best free Android apps that you can enjoy. But, do not carelessly download and use the application free tablets, because there are applications that are dangerous!

Originally danger Download Application Free

Some applications are free on the Google Play Store is there a truly free, but the insertion of advertising. And there is also a free application that offers a Pro version to get rid of ads. Both are dangerous if you're home use only.

1. Wasteful Quota 

Already know that advertising of nearly 80 per cent quota in the smartphone internet? Not only ads while browsing, ads in applications as well. Because the advertising that goes into our smartphones that's pushed by the system via the Internet.

So, if you install a lot of free applications on smartphones, guaranteed quota you will quickly run out deh. Especially if it turns out a free application that you use very often.  

2. Wasteful Toll

Pulses and quotas are actually related, because the quota can be purchased use pulses. But, what happens if you've bought your pulse kesedot quotas but also? Definitely upset right.

Several free applications inserted advertisements offering VAS (Value-Added Service) from the operator in the form of banner ads. When the ad was accidentally kepencet, you will be automatically subscribed to premium SMS content.

3. Prone Malware Attacks

Prone Malware Attacks
Who can guarantee that ads shown on free applications that are free of malware? Because Google AdSense is great aja can be inserted malicious malware that could steal banking data of yours. Moreover, a free application that mengandalakan all advertising platform to earn revenue

4. Risk of Data Collection

Risk of Data Collection
Some apps are free on the Google Play Store provides Privacy Policy in applications, such as Google Maps that requested access location. Well, if that do not have a Privacy Policy, shall ye ya alert.
Several free applications requested permissions when installed, must not be approved. Because, you do not know your data is collected for what? Who knows smartphonemu data is sold to another party?

So, find a free application that is not inserted advertisements, or that it is guaranteed safe from advertising trap ya!