4 Football Shirt-Tech Advanced Current, No. 3 Coolest

In an age of all-powerful, we certainly can not be separated from the technology, not least in the field of sports.

Having previously JalanTikus discusses technologically advanced football boots, the discussion resumed to dress balls (Jersey) that they use.

Currently there are a variety of specialized tech Jersey from some of the leading vendors that can provide comfort during use. Approximately what Jersey technologically advanced available today? Here's his review:

1. Adidas ClimaCool Technology

ClimaCool technology developed by Adidas apparel from Germany. Many dub Jersey with this technology "Clothes Breathe" as ClimaCool Micro-Ventilation has advanced that will keep moisture and body temperature of the wearer of this shirt.

With ClimaCool technology players will feel comfortable and could peak current capability even in extreme situations.

2. Nike Dri-FIT Technology  

Nike Dri-FIT
Nike Dri-FIT is a high-performance technology. Polyester Microfiber Fabric technology in the Nike Dri-FIT helps the wearer to maintain comfort and dry.

This technology is able to move perspiration away from the body to the fabric surface quickly so that the players continue to feel dry, comfortable and ready to achieve the best Performance.

3. Puma PWR ACTV 

Puma PWR
By studying the movement of Athletic dynamic, Puma develop PWR technology ACTV at the World Cup.

Designing a special fabric on the front Jersey, PWR ACTV of Puma claimed to be able to make the solar plexus of the wearer relaxes and stimulates the abdominal muscles more stable and balanced, so the wearer can breathe more deeply and enhances the stability of the body.

4. Under Armour Stay Cool  

Under Armour Stay Cool
Although not many Club Top of Europe in cooperation with the American origin of this apparel. Under Armour remains to develop technology that can not be underestimated.

UA latest technology there Stay Cool with 3 cool features 'COLDBLACK', 'COLD SWITCH' and 'ISO-CHILL', all three features UA claim they can maintain the stability of the body of the wearer even amid the scorching rays of the sun.

Under extreme conditions, special materials will keep the body temperature remains stable and the user can achieve the best performance.

That's some dress ball sophisticated technologies today. If you had more clothes on, do not forget to share in the comments field.

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