4 Soccer Shoes Advanced Tech, No. 3 Will make you want to have

The more sophisticated the technology certainly makes a variety of new innovations in various aspects of life. No exception in the field of sports.

Having previously I discusses the various football stadium which has advanced technology in it, this time to continue discussions about soccer shoes that the players use.

This is all kinds of soccer shoes that have advanced technology currently in use. These shoes are made from a variety of leading vendors, ranging from Nike, Adidas, and Puma. What kind of football boots today's most advanced version I? Here's his review.

Advanced Tech Football Shoes

1. All Condition Control

All Condition Control
Technology All Conditions Control (ACC) is a shoe developed by Nike. This shoe has a function to make sure the surface of the shoe while providing consistent friction with the ball under all weather conditions, including extreme rain.

With this technology, players can control the ball and dribble like in the field doing dry even in rainy conditions and slippery ball.

2. EverFit Technology

EverFit Technology
Apparell German football, Puma, develop EverFit technology to address the needs of European soccer players who demand flexibility in stability when playing the ball.

Puma introduce this technology first in the series evoSPEED that can provide the full control of the shoe while running at high speed.

3. HybridTouch

First introduced by Adidas in series Nitrocharge 1.0 and Predator LZ Silos, shoes with Hybridtouch technology will provide comfort and flexibility when performing movements on the football pitch.

With these advantages Adidas claims that Hybridtouch could give more to the team's performance. Besides synthetic leather in shoes Hybridtouch texture is suitable for playing football and durability in extreme weather.

4. The NikeSkin

The NikeSkin
From the name of this technology is definite that we already know who the owner of this innovation. Nike developed the construction of shoes with the best comfort for a footballer!

Tough, flexible, and can be used in extreme weather makes this shoe was called the best shoes in football by some European soccer player!

That's some technologically advanced football boots that exist today. If you have any other recommendations soccer shoes, do not forget to share in the comments field.

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