4 Unique Android Applications Newest and Hottest

Speaking of apps on Android are not going to find the end, the article stau operating system which is a kind of mobile OS supported by many applications or games.

Today there are many developers or application developers who choose to jump into the Android OS. It certainly can not be separated from the role of Google in supporting prngguna up to Android application developers. Google itself already provides services market app via the Google Play Store.

With the Play Store, allowing users to more easily obtain the application or Android game also whether it is paid or free. As for the application developers will be facilitated in marketing products besutannya application, so income is greater. The number of emerging applications developer, not infrequently we also find applications that are somewhat unique. Well, about the unique application store, here are some new unique application that is often used by Android users.

4 Unique Android Applications Newest and Hottest

1.  BeautyPlus – Magical Camera

BeautyPlus – Magical Camera
BeautyPlus - Magical Camera is one of the applications for photo selfie terbik in Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Selfie photo app is unique because it can make the images your own selfie more maximal. Interestingly, these applications can eliminate the existing stain on the face, remove wrinkles, brighten the skin and so forth.

No less than 60 thousand users of Android has been using this one application. So, for those of you who are fond of selfie photos, worth to try out the application BeautyPlus - Magical Camera is.

2. Snapseed

The next unique application called Snapseed is a photo editing application made by Google. Maybe some people judge if an application developed by Google is similar to other photo editing application. But make no mistake, this Snapseed offers many features that you will encounter in the armpits similar applications.

Well, if the photo editing application mostly only equipped with filters and also the template used for editing, another case on Snapseed which offers several editing options manually like in the photo editing application used by professionals, users can adjust the saturation, contrast , to detail put tools already provided.

3. PhotoMath

PhotoMath itself is one unique application that can be said to be the most widely downloaded by Android users. From that carried his name of course we can guess the workings of this one android application. Yes, PhotoMath itself is an application that enables users to find answers to pad out math problems by simply need to take a photo at the desired matter.

Android apps this one can be quite effective in finding answers to a variety of math problems correctly and quickly. Applications made by Microblink has been successful in helping users solve a variety of mathematical problems that is considered difficult. No wonder that this PhotoMath has already been downloaded by more than one million Android users around the world.

4. Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe
Omni Swipe is a unique application further. Yes, this one application allows Android users to be able to show you some shortcuts applications with just a swipe of the bottom corner on his smartphone. Once this application has the name Lazy Swipe and in addition to an attractive appearance, the application is fairly mild.

That she Android 4 Application Unique in the latest and best that we can say to you. Hopefully what we submit this week, the time could be beneficial to all of you.

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