5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game

Reportedly Galaxy Note 7 explosions triggered by excessive heat generated by this smartphone. So, be careful if you often overheat smartphone, especially for you who like to play games.

Play games on smartphones is indeed exciting, because now corpulent cool games available on smartphones. Let the more exciting, you shall really have a smartphone that is heat resistant.

Heat Resistant Best Smartphone to Play Game

Many specifications that must be considered in order for a smartphone worthy of being called the best smartphone to play the game. One of them is the battery life and convenience for use during game play that is not hot. As smartphones-smartphone follows:

1. ASUS ZenFone Max

5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game
For the first time, ASUS issued a smartphone with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh through ZenFone Max. With a battery that much, this smartphone using that qualified to play the game.

Uniquely, with a special patterned polycarbonate plastic material, Asus Zenfone Max can reduce heat produced. Continue to support a removable rear body makes you be more comfortable during use. 

2. OPPO R5s

5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game
First introduced at the beginning of the end of 2015, OPPO R5s with a thickness of 4.85 mm to the thinnest smartphone in the world at that time. Interestingly, although thin, OPPO R5s heat resistant and powerful.

OPPO R5s liquid cooling system equipped with so-called liquid metal-like material. This material will capture the heat and lowers the temperature. Thus, the heat will not be guaranteed deh even play many games or apps on the smartphone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game
For the first time, Samsung released flagship smartphone is equipped with special abilities gaming. On the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 Edge, Samsung has equipped the latest smartphone with features Game Tools that will spoil the gamers.

Not only that, the Galaxy S7 Edge equipped with a special cooling system technology using aluminum alloy and metal materials in the coolant pipe. So there is no tuh case of overheating because playing Clash Royale or Pokemon GO. Sophisticated right!

4. Samsung Galaxy S7

5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game
Equally equipped Game Tools, cooling design brought by Samsung Galaxy S7 little different with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Smartphone is equipped with cooling technology in the form of gel that will change the surface of the melt when heat smartphone. Well, this fluid will cool the chipset and hot surfaces earlier, and then re-solidify when it is cold.

5. Sony Xperia Z3 Premium

5 Heat Resistant Android Smartphone for Play Game
Being the first smartphone equipped with a 4K screen display technology, Sony Xperia Z3 Premium equipped with two heatpipes to reduce the heat generated from the Snapdragon chipset 810 carries. Plus, Snapdragon 810 was carrying was more stable than that used by Sony Xperia Z3.

With all the advantages brought Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, I wonder if one of the unique smartphone and heat resistance are sold at high prices.

Sound cool smartphone Android smartphone JalanTikus heat resistance mentioned above? So, for you gamers who do not want to interfere fun playing the game with the hot smartphone, consider buying one of them. Or do you have any other recommendations?