5 how to fix Internet connection problems on Android smartphones

Android smartphone users indeed numerous. Means, this indicates that Google's operating system that is proven to be a "mate" man that is implemented in the form of gadgets. Once connected to the Internet, you are already able to adventure in cyberspace deh.

But, do not rule out the possibility that Android devices are still frequently encountered problems. One problem often encountered is the Internet connection is interrupted suddenly. Therefore through this article I provide a way to fix troubled android internet connection.

1. Turn on Airplane Mode

AirPlane Mode
When the Internet connection you die while the active period of data packets you do not run out, you can try to enable Airplane mode. True, these modes enable you to turn off and then come back after a while so that packets of data from each provider will refresh back and look for a better connection.

2. Reboot with Airplane Mode

Airplane mode
In addition to temporary turn Airplane mode, you can also try rebooting your Android smartphone or tablet yours while still enable the Airplane mode. After you do this, turn off the mode. How to fix android internet connection is already widely used and proven successful loh.

3. Reset APN   

As you know, each provider must have to provide the type of APN different on mobile networks so that you can still use the Internet directly on your device. Typically, when the APN setting is changed, the Internet connection can also change or even disappear. For that, you have to reset the APN to be active again play your Android Phone.

4. Enter the APN Manually  

If you do not get the settings to enable the Internet connection in android, or there may be a tamper until your network trouble, you can enter the APN manually. But, you should consider is the setting at any Internet service provider is different. Therefore, you have to find the right setting. When it is difficult, you can call each carrier provider for assistance.

5. Switch Network Manually  

Maybe you've tried the ways above, but still constrained. Therefore, you can do this last way. You just try to switch networks manually. For example, you use 4G LTE mode, you first move to 3G or 2G temporarily. If it's been a while, you go again to change the mode 4G LTE. Easy, right?

Now, the 5 how to fix Internet connection problems on Android smartphones that you can use. Ways over pretty easy right? Do you have other ways that can be used? If yes, give your advice via the comments below ya.