Here's 5 Things Damaging Computer Gamers!

Game what makes you crazy to stand whole day sitting and staring at a monitor? Perhaps, in any game if you're already loved it, will definitely make you forget yourself. Therefore, the true gamers usually have a wide eye puffiness. Let's admit, you're definitely one of them, right?

But, what do you true gamers? I think hell yes. Indeed, what the heck are often played, to the extent that you forget everything else and just focus on your favorite games right? However, you must often really forget some things, not on your life, but more often careless to make PC games you still stable. True ga?

For you true gamer? Want to know what the hell that can damage your computer? Now I wants love ya a little information about the 5 things that harm a computer gamers! Listened to ya!

Just what the hell things are forgotten, which is often done by the true gamers? Yup, there are some things you often forget when you become a hero in a game that you play on your PC. So, this is Jake's guess you are often lax. Do not pretend you do not know well if this is indeed proven to be true.

1.Because Of Love lazy, PC You are so slow! 

Both Nvidia and AMD will provide a suite of software such as Nvidia GeForce or AMD Gaming Evolved Experience to set the optimization permaninan be better. Nvida and AMD have also been gathering information related to hardware, adding settings in the game, and the data frame rate, which can determine scalable presets for games to be played.

Well, usually it is the most frequently performed. You just install the application, and not in the back optimization. Typically, this is often done by you the first time you have a gaming PC. Because so spirits to be true gamers, you're in a hurry and the result is, quite disappointing. So, if you've got a new moreover have a gaming PC, a little patience to find out more information in ya, guys.

2. Update the VGA Card Driver You!  

Naturally you as true gamers must have a PC with a component level specifications gods. Because, obviously you do not want when you're playing games, your device is slow or even jamming sustainable lag. Speaking of performance, closely related to graphics cards. So, your graphics card to improve your game?

Actually, not your problem graphics card what the heck. But, more to the affairs of the GPU driver updates. Graphics card manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD will regularly update each GPU driver. This of course is done to improve performance and ensure each new game can play well with these products. Well, the issue of driver updates this one must often really so ignorant?

3. Make It Here the Easy HDD Damaged  

After months or even years you used hard drives on your PC, you probably never thought about this long. Perhaps you feel all safe, tucked neatly with the label you give in every folder. But, have you ever thought that it does not mean you have distributed the data sequentially?

Well, here's where the real function defrag your harddrive. Defrag your hard drive will make the discs on hard drives do not need to read anything that was removed previously and improve the internal organization properly. If you do not do this, your hard drive will continue to read something that is not there, and it will certainly make run slower performance. But, if you use the SSD, do not do it. Therefore, it will shorten the life of the SSD nantinya.ang Damaged

4. Game You Ngelag? It's cause!  

Task Manager
You know is not it, would be much better if your computer is capable of providing all the resources available for the game you are playing. However, when the third-party applications, related services, and the operating system is in the background, even if small, but it will still take power from the CPU, hard drive, or RAM on your gaming PC.

Yes, it's obvious that you will not be able to turn off Windows at all, but at least you can still eliminate the various applications running in the background with the use of Razer Game Booster. With this application, you can eliminate a lot of background processes that are not needed when playing games. Well, it is damaging the computer is also most often do you miss not? Do not be repeated again yes.

5. Do Any Turn Off Computer, If Not Want Corrupt!  

I think, we all already know how to turn off the computer deh right. Indeed, but it is also included into the damage your computer tablets and also often careless to you the true gamers. Loh, why so? It has been felt that shut down the computer properly too! Yes, but surely you've right, was so exhausted playing games, to the extent that you overslept and forgot to turn off the computer. As a result, the shutdown is your parents, who may not understand how to turn off correctly, alias the main origin unplug the power cord only. In fact, because it is too tired, might be your own doing.

Well, this will cause damage severe enough for some of the components in PC gaming. Anything? MANY! Such as RAM, processor, power supply, up to Disk you can be bad sectors. Nah want the component you are broken because you often forget to turn off the computer correctly? Do so here we go guys, keep good care of your gaming PC so from now.

Of the few things that harm a computer that has Jaka to say, which is most often do you do? Let's not shy yes to acknowledge the problem of "forgetfulness" you, hehehe. Remember, next time, be more alert yes to your favorite gaming PC. Of course you do not want it, your PC is damaged simply because the act of your own. Share your opinion below ya.