5 Best Type Linux Can Replace Windows

When you hear the word Linux, what you had in mind? Programmer, hacker or geek? That is an average that comes to the minds of the public in general in view of Linux is Open Source Operating System types that are widely used by experts in IT (Information Technology).

The reason, Linux is not yet familiar in the community, in contrast to Windows or Macintosh that has mushroomed.

However, it turns out there are tablets of the types of Linux that you can use everyday like Windows or Macintosh. Even the types of Linux can you consider as an alternative. Here are the types of Linux that you can wear everyday.

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is perfect for beginners who first want to try Linux. Its user interface is very comfortable and easy, as well as user friendly. To find applications required is, you are now looking through the applications that have been provided Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Software Center, a very practical one.

2. Lubuntu

Almost similar to Ubuntu but Lubuntu is suitable for you who have a PC or laptop with a lower specification or older. Unlike the Ubuntu that uses Unity as its User Interface Guide, Lubuntu LXDE Desktop wear very light use of their resources. Enough with the Pentium 4 class processor, you can install the latest Lubuntu Linux on your computer.

3. Elementary OS

Elementay OS
Macintosh Ubuntu Linux flavor. Maybe this is the right word to describe Elementary OS. Many say Elementary OS is actually much more stable in general rather than Ubuntu itself. Elementary OS because it is a derivative of Ubuntu. Of similar as well as Ubuntu or Lubuntu discussed earlier, it's just that it looks really like a Macintosh. Elementary OS maker might want to create a free Macintosh to a million people, probably yes.

4. Pear OS

Pear OS
Still with Macintosh Linux flavors, Pear OS created by a French programmer. Sure is not updated anymore, but for everyday purposes Pear OS is still very feasible for your use. Especially if you want a stylish and prioritizes design elegant look. Dong know if France was famous as the "City Mode". Certainly the design of Pear OS is very elegant because it also adapts the look of a Macintosh.

5. Mangaka

For you fans of anime, I think this type of Linux Mangaka shall you try. Because this type of Linux not only gives the appearance of a typical anime themes, but also his tools very useful for fans of anime. Some of them you can do fansubbing, fandubbing and much more. Really made anime lovers satisfied anyway.