5 Advantages of Windows Phone OS Compared with Other

Today we know together that there are several smartphone operating system used. The operating system that is popular today is Android and iOS, but on the other two operating systems also include the operating system Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS which is now experiencing defeat in the competition. Of each operating system actually has its own weaknesses and strengths that no other OS.

The competition between the operating system is very strict to make the operating system developers continue to innovate and evolve so that it can continue to compete in order to not be left behind by competitors. 

OS Windows Phone is also doing so in order to continue to compete against the popularity of iOS and Android. One way Windows Phone can compete with other OS is to offer some advantages. For that I will provide information about some of the advantages of Windows Phone following.

5 Excess Windows Phone

1. User Interface

User Interface
Windows Phone user interface is offered has Live Tiles. Where users can set the display of windows phone as desired. The user interface features have become one of the advantages of Windows Phone compared to other OSes in the affairs of the display.

2. Security

Smartphone iOS based often considered to have the best security, but it is also owned by Windows Phone. Microsoft as OS developers is constantly working to improve the security features of the Windows Phone.  

This is to avoid the theft of personal data from users of Windows phone that can be caused by viruses malware or other data thieves.   

3. Battery Life

Battery Life
As we know that smartphones often have lowbat. However on Windows Phone devices we can find the battery saver feature.  

The feature is able to demonstrate to the old user whether or not the performance of the smartphone battery is used. By utilizing this feature we can disable the background on apps and other features that are less important so that battery power consumption is much more efficient.

4. Cortana

This feature is similar to that found on the Google Now Android and iOS Siri used. But Windows Phone features a virtual personal assistant that is better than Google Now and Siri.

5. Applications Office     

Applications Office
Because these Office applications also developed by microsoft, then this application will automatically be available on all Windows Phone devices. So Windows Phone would be very suitable if used by students and businessmen who often using Office applications.

Similarly, information from me about Windows Phone Advantages Compared to Other OS, may be useful.  

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