5 Android Game Rated Best Child and Year 2017

Having a baby is a smart and intelligent course is the desire of all parents worldwide. However, intelligence can not come just sehingg need for regular training. Well, as the development of technology, train the intelligence of the baby can be done easily.

One example is to utilize gadgets such as a tablet or a smartphone based on Android. With the help of various educational games, we can easily train a child that will have the ability to think critically and intelligently in the decision making. Well, with the presence of the Play Store service we can easily find an application Android flavored children.

Well, below are some of the game's best Andorid special education of children with the feel of a thick very fit to wear in order to raise the level of intelligence of the child's brain. Intrigued with games for the kids on this one? Let us take a peek just along the full review below.

5 Android Game Rated Best Child

1. Marbel Learn Hijaiyah

Marbel Learn Hijaiyah
Well, for those of you who really want to introduce the Koran and the Koran to children at an early age. Try to use the application named Marbel Learning Hijaiyah. Yes, you use this application, you can teach children to be able to recognize the letters hijaiyah properly. Surely with a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable.

2. ABC PreSchool Playground Free

ABC PreSchool Playground Free
Train the baby to learn to write letters can be done easily. Yes, with the help of an application called ABC Preschool Playground Free we can train children to know and write letters with ease. In this application there are also many features that are quite a lot, ranging from the pencil color selection to choose the font size.

3. Learn Coloring For Kids

Learn Coloring For Kids
Furthermore, there is a game called Learning Coloring For Kids. This one game you can use to introduce a variety of colors in children. Additionally, this game also brings exciting interactive display in order to provoke children's interest in learning colors.

4. Fruits and Vegetables For Kids

Fruits and Vegetables For Kids
Fruits and Vegetables for Kids itself is one of the best android game special children were very instructive. Game android one is able to give to children learning about the name of the fruit to vegetables. Gam is very fit to play children ages 1-4 years

5. Animals Puzzle For Kids

Animals Puzzle For Kids
Animals Puzzle For Kids is one andorid game is so interactive. In this game you can practice fine motor nerves in children so that it can serve to improve intelligence, the main is to be able to solve the problems at hand.

Well, that's 5 Best Android Games Special Children can we convey to you all. Hopefully this time we can give more benefits to you on the train the intelligence of the baby. 

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