5 Application Learn Japanese Rated in Android

Japanese is a language that is so well known almost all over the world, including Indonesia. The Japanese language has its own fans, either among young people or the elderly. Japanese have also begun to be used as subjects in schools in the country, especially for high school.

Well, for those of you who want to be able to speak Japanese, now no longer need to speak Japanese les and a lot of money, because now there are android applications that you can use to learn the Japanese language.

5 Application Learn Japanese Rated in Android

1. Imiwa

If you need a dictionary to be able to learn Japanese language perfectly, then you can try the application Imiwa? this. Yes, with you using this one application you can search for translations, from the kanji, romaji to kana. Not only that, the application Imiwa? This is also equipped words with example sentences and also Furigana, which are able to make you understand right from the word function.

2. Hello Talk

Hello Talk
Learning the Japanese language can be more interesting with this application called Hello Talk. Not only that, you also can exchange languages with this application users from different countries. The way it works is easy, simply set up a profile in the app, then enter your language and the language to be learned. 

Do not forgetting to set up if you are a new student. Well, later you can search for friends language throughout the country and can exchange with the language, so for those of you who want to learn Japanese, or another language, fitted when using this one application. In addition, this application has been supported in SMS, Voice Notes and Chat.

3. Lext Talk

Lext Talk
This one application is basically not much different from other chat applications. But the difference is found in its features that can be used to create or also seek CHATT group in accordance with her wishes. Lext Talk application can also be used to search for groups CHATT Japanese, or can enter into the group in which there is no Japanese nationals. The way this one is more effective than learning from a book.

4. Yomiwa

This one application Indeed not a conventional dictionary. But this Yomiwa fitted to be translating kanji. You can also take pictures and can even upload the image. Then, the application is also equipped with the ability to translate any of the drawn kanji to English. With the free version of this app, you can use the translation feature 10 in each day.

5. IMI

Application is also equipped with a dictionary kanji, romaji and kana is IMI. Yes, in addition to Imiwa ?, you also can use an application called IMI is studying Japanese language for free and be present in it has a variety of features the use of a new vocabulary, adjectives, verbs and includes could of conjugation.

Thus the interesting discussion this time about the application of learning Japanese could we give to you. May be useful. And do not forget leave comment. 

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