5 Attractive Features Photoshop Touch for iPad 2

For a professional designer, a good idea may suddenly appear when she was fitness or lunch with friends from work or while on vacation with the family on the beach. And if he does not immediately poured on his computer, the idea may be lost in vain for granted.  

With the iPad owned practicality and sophistication of Photoshop, the professional designers no longer have to always carry a heavy laptop everywhere.

Adobe Systems Incorporated today through the company's official blog announced the launch of Photoshop Touch for iPad 2. Announcement of the launch is just one month after the announcement of the launch of Photoshop Touch for Android on January 27, 2012 last.

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There are 5 exciting features in Photoshop Touch for iPad 2: 

1.Ease of selection and retrieval of image sources 

Photoshop Touch for iPad can easily pick and choose the image you want to edit from the photo album, camera iPad, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Images or Facebook. Maximum resolution images that can be used and produced is 1600 x 1600.

2.Scribble Selections  

There are two images, remove the background of one of the images and combine images that have been deleted on the background with the image of the other. Scribble Selections With this, Photoshop Touch for iPad users can select the image area to be maintained and the background to be removed quickly just by using a finger or stylusnya.


Layers or layer in Photoshop on the computer has long helped designers to combine the various existing image layers, determines the order of layers and control the level of darkness to create sophisticated image composition, now present on Photoshop Touch for iPad.

4.Effects Professional Photography

Photoshop Touch for iPad also provides professional photographic effects and filters ranging from basic ones such as blur, drop shadows and glows until cool like an old photograph effect and the effect of the glass so that images appear more artistic. Interestingly effects and filters can be applied across the whole image or partial image area according to our wishes.

5.Social Sharing 

Social Sharing
After completion of the work to make cool in Photoshop Touch for iPad, we can upload the results to Facebook and the comments or the like coming in can we llihat directly in these applications without the need to open Facebook or email.

Pity iPad 1 users can not enjoy this cool app. Photoshop Touch for iPad can only be used on the iPad 2, which already have iOS 5 or higher. 50.2 MB sized applications can be downloaded through iTunes at a price of US $ 9.99.  

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