5 Best Job Seeker applications in Android

If the first you ever buy a newspaper just for looking for a job, it means you're "old". Hehehe! Yes, first find a job that was tricky. But now, you can rely on job seekers Android app.

Well, thanks to the miracle of the internet, searching for the appropriate job is actually easier. Lots of jobs available. But to find maybe some people do not know.

Best Android Apps Job Seekers

There are a few apps on Android that job seekers can use to get the latest updates on job vacancies. Here's the list:

1. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network owned by Microsoft, is mainly used for professional networking. Well LinkedIn also has a separate application that can help you to search by name pekerajaan LinkedIn Job Search.

Unlike its website, this app focuses on job search. You can search by title, location, and keyword.

You can also enable a notification feature so that the application will notify you whenever there is work that is considered suitable.

2. JobStreet

The next Android Application job seekers are JobStreet. Besides can be accessed through the website, JobStreet application allows you to search for jobs that match the criteria grip through your smartphone.

JobStreet includes columns for displaying the percentage of salary in the desired job, as well as office location and the company was located. You can find job postings from many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and Japan. 

3. JobsDB

Not much different from JobStreet, JobsDB is also an official job search application for Android from job search sites JobsDB.com. This application is a leading job search portal in Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

More than 120,000 jobs are available each month and provide the candidate with the best job opportunities. Well, the latest Android application JobsDB allows you to be able to know and apply directly job you want.

You can also mem favorites and search for jobs according to criteria of your choice. Also, update your profile and see your resume anytime and anywhere.

4. Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Excess Job Search, Salaries & Reviews is this app displays the company reviews and salaries for job seekers. Review displayed posted by employees and former employees of related companies.

There is a feature "Know Your Worth" that may help you to know how much salary you should receive. Yes, help you look for job opportunities with ease.

5. Indeed Job Search

Android application to search for the next job is Indeed Job Search. This application is very useful for finding a job relevant to the expertise that you have.

Indeed Job Search has several options customization. You can find a job at a nearby location. Indeed also has a user base of more than 100 million job seekers.

You can find a job in over 50 countries in 28 languages and apply for jobs directly from the app. There is also the option to search for a full time job, part-time, and more.

How? Search job today do not have to bother, right? CV Live create an account and you're as good as possible, find lowker in jobseekers Android app above, and submit your application. So, if there is a direct call interview. Have a good fight!