5 Best TV Remote app in Android 2017

The development of increasingly advanced technology increasingly easier for users. one of which is the android operating system used by mobile devices. OS developed by Google offers many features that are helpful in all its activities. So do not be surprised if the android users is growing.

Many of the features that helps users of Android, such is the IR blaster. Features IR blaster on Android such as infrared sensors that can be used to control other electronic goods, such as televisions, DVD player, up to AC. To use this feature, we need a special application yng contained in the Google play store. Therefore, we will provide information about some remote applications best and most popular Android TV.

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5 Best TV Remote app in Android 

1. Chromecast

Best Android TV remote app this one is the result of the development of Google. In addition it can be used to control devices other Chromecast from Google, this application can also be used on regular television that we have.

2. Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote
as the name suggests Android TV remote app this one not only can control the TV, but we can also use it to control the DVD player, television, set top box, and more. Unfortunately smart IR remote application can only be used by a particular brand Android smartphone.

3. Easy Universal Remote TV

Easy Universal Remote TV
is the best Android apps TV remote control next to the TV. Some brands of TVs that can be controlled by this application is Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, and several other well-known brands. 

However, this application can not be used on some Chinese TV brands. How to use this application is quite easy, we just install it and then setting the TV brands are used then this application will adjust itself to the tv.

4. Unified Remote Full

Unified Remote Full
is one of the best Android TV remote applications and ideal. Because this application can also be used for home theater. Not only can control a conventional TV, this application can also be used as a remote PC from multiple platforms.

5. Twinone IR Remote

is also a TV remote application that is widely used by Android users. Twinone IR Remote Applications penggunaka so popular because it offers a simple interface and easy to use. However, quite a lot of users are complaining difficult to adjust the volume of the TV on this application.

Similarly, the information that I can convey to you about some of the remote application tv best and most popular Android that you can try. Hopefully the information we provide to you can be beneficial.

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