5 Coolest Offices in Asia's Definitely Make You Want to Work there

Have you ever imagined a cozy office to the extent that you do not feel you're working there. Cozy office in fact also will increase your productivity tablets. Mind you must be fresh and not imagine the hustle and bustle of urban.

It turned out that the offices were rich so there guys! Let's not far to go to America or Europe, was in Asia there are also tablets. Companies that have the most comfortable office must have been you know. Here are five offices in Asia, which certainly makes you want to work there.

5 Coolest Offices in Asia that Make You Want to Work in there

1.Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur

Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur
Being in the neighboring country, the office Mindvalley elected to the office of the coolest magazine "Inc. Magazine". Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this office prioritizes "Happiness as a new productivity." If the employees are happy, of course increases company productivity, not true?

From concept, this office wearing colorful d├ęcor, combining natural elements and modern. Organic crops combined with modern theme makes you feel comfortable. When you are tired, just sit in the "Astro Turf" (artificial turf) and enjoy views of the city. When else there is an office like this?

2.Airbnb, Singapore 

Airbnb, Singapore
For you who like traveling, surely you're not familiar with Airbnb. Through this application you can determine where your vacation and stay, of course, with the option that suits you. Offices located in Singapore, combines local elements with contemporary modern style that adds to the impression of cool.

In the office you are free loh Airbnb work anywhere. Nothing special room for you to work. You are free to sit anywhere you want. If you want a relaxing also do not have to go far. In the office there really Kopitiam contemporary style. Airbnb flags decorated the ceiling of the room, you can relax a little bit while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Ust dah!

3.Google, Singapura

Google, Singapura
You will not doubt how cool Google offices. Everywhere, Google's office must be cool, one in Singapore. If you work in the office of Google, you do not see it as being in the office. A unique interior design filled with typical Google colors make you linger at work.

With the design out of the box, Google Singapore presents a meeting room with a tuk-tuk in it. To the extent that there is room to play with a billiard table and foosball tables. That would make you interested, there will be food provided for free! Yes, FREE!

4.Facebook, Hong Kong

Facebook, Hong Kong
Facebook is the biggest social media is now famous for the value of openness and simplicity. Facebook's offices in Hong Kong has a "Wall to Write" article contains statements that values the contributions of all workers. Their graffiti-style Hong Kong Facebook adds to the impression of contemporary office.

Facebook also provides a kitchen that serves healthy and nutritious food for employees. In addition there are facilities and treadmill massage chair that presents a comfortable atmosphere for all employees. Apparently, Facebook Hong Kong wants to create a healthy environment for the productivity of their employees.

5.The Post, Bangkok

The Post, Bangkok
The Post company seemed very concerned employees. Even though the president director personally create the design of the company. The president of The Post, Suchada Somasachai, creating an atmosphere of rural areas to improve the productivity and creativity of its employees. The Post Office itself is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

As a company with long working hours, The Post presents the atmosphere appropriate to maintain the permanent employees relaxing yet productive. All drinks style cafe also provided even provided a fitness center so that workers can perform yoga, weight training, and boxing.

Well, that's five coolest offices in Asia, which makes you want to work there. Unfortunately, there is no Indonesian company name in it. Interested in working in one of them? Of course you have to pass the interview questions that may be difficult to answer. Share your opinion in the comments yes.