5 Most Annoying Feature Owned Windows 10

Not all features that are presented to us by an operating system actually matches what we needed. That is because each person does have different interests. Anyone want to use Windows 10 for editing photos, playing games, browsing, up to 3D design.

But there seems to be an awful lot of people who use Windows 10 and found that the following features are currently considered not so important and interference when used. What are they? Read all ya.

5 Most Annoying Feature Owned Windows 10

1. Default Application Windows 10 

Windows 10
Nothing is more irritating than the bloatware. Bloatware or the default application is sometimes, or even often only meet storage because its function is not so important. Unfortunately, Windows 10 also has the annoying bloatware because they ultimately eliminate legendary mini game and replace it with Candy Crush Saga status freemium. In addition, he also fills the operating system with the Bing Food and Drink or even Zune Music that it actually meets the start menu, but rarely used.

2. Integration onedrive Annoying

Secondly there is the integration onedrive disturbing. Compared with other popular cloud storage, onedrive assessed to be less well-known. Irritating is for any Windows user, you will be prompted to store personal files by default to the storage cloud. Mending if a large capacity, onedrive just lowered capacity for its free users is 5 GB. Very small.

3. Tracking In Aggressive

Customize Setting
Unlike the previous versions of Windows, this time Windows 10 presents features that belong more terrible. They openly say that the OS will record and collect any user data, such as contacts, behavior, sound recordings, and much more. We were able to turn off that option, but of course for the layman, it is not easy to do.     

4. Availability Settings and Control Panel Confusing

Who here is confused with what is the difference with the Control Panel Settings are provided separately in Windows 10? We are also puzzled at first. During this time, the Control Panel always be the first choice in making changes to the settings for the operating system itself. But since diimplemetasikannya Settings option in Windows 8 and continues to Windows 10, users became confused due to arrangement be split between the two options.

5. Update Form of Coercion

It's ya last point, and became one of the most annoying. Windows 10 by default requires users to regularly update its Windows automatically. If we have an internet connection infinite hell yes one should not just, but the reality is not. Not only users in the country are upset, but it turned out to Windows users in various places was annoyed with the update that this force.

It was her fifth feature of Windows 10 that have been brought frustration for users. Are there any points that we missed? Do not forget to share your opinion via the comments below ya.