5 Problems Frequently Occurred in Samsung Galaxy S7, and How to Overcome It

Of course, the perfect word is a cliche that every individual wants to achieve, but as gadgeteers know, in this world nothing is perfect. Similarly, in the output device Samsung Galaxy S7 series.

Gadgeteers might not need to be reminded again how Samsung had to swallow a black cloud when the device Galaxy Note 7 was not going well, it proves that the big companies though, certainly fatal error may occur. Obviously, when a fatal error can occur, even small errors certainly not inevitable.

For those users of the Samsung Galaxy series S7, this is it 5 problems that often occur in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and how to overcome them:

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5 Problems Frequently Occurred in Samsung Galaxy S7, and How to Overcome It 

1. Camera Not Working

Samsung Galaxy S7
The first problem may be experienced by gadgeteers is a malfunction of the camera. Such errors occur when users open the camera application and instead show the error message "warning, the camera failed". Usually such errors may have caused by the Smart Stay feature.

Therefore, the way to fix this kind of error is to disable the Smart Stay feature by going to settings and then go to the menu display.

2. Can not Connect to WiFi Nor Bluetooth

Can not Connect to WiFi Nor Bluetooth
Unable to connect to a WiFi network or Bluetooth can be a serious problem. Especially for those who are highly dependent on a kind of wireless connectivity WiFi or Bluetooth are. Mentioned, this error is due to a bug in the phone system.  

The fix is quite easy in fact, to restore the WiFi connectivity, try gadgeteers matikanWiFi about 10 seconds after the restart.

Do not forget to first go to settings to turn off the power saving mode. Well, if it is already done, gadgeteers try removing the network password that will be entered in advance. When you are trying to get back into the network with the password previously erased earlier.

To restore the Bluetooth connectivity is not difficult. Try gadgeteers delete it first Bluetooth history that has never been connected. After that try to connect again.

3. The Power button, Home, and Volume Not Working

The Power button, Home, and Volume Not Working
This problem is certainly not a small thing. When gadgeteers found to get the same problem, try not to panic first. There are some simple ways that can actually treat errors that occur on a phone belonging to this gadgeteers. 

In one case, the actual restart (by pressing the home button and volume) phone and turn it back is a perfect solution.

But if not, it could be this is the case for their act of ignorant applications. Try gadgeteers remove the application of the newly paired. But if it was not able to overcome it, the only way is to try to re-install the system back to the phone, a state factory (factory reset).

4. Speaker and Other Keys Wet

Speaker and Other Keys Wet
S7 series devices from Samsung is complemented by the features of the IP68 water and dust resistant. But that does not mean that the device is completely resistant to water. 

Because many events that happened, the speaker function even more button does not function properly. Sound emitted by the speakers turned into a rupture, while other buttons will really work when the phone's body has been in a dry state.

That should do the buddy techdach wait until the device is completely dry. For one or two hours, do not open any music applications. Meanwhile, to accelerate, gadgeteers can dry it with paper towels or a dry cloth. Remember, do not drying with a hair dryer or hair dryer! Because it can make even the water coming into the device.

5. Become familiar with the features Always On       

Become familiar with the features Always On
For those who use the gadgeteers Galaxy series S7, certainly curious about the Always On feature that will instantly activate. This feature allows users to see the time without having to turn the phone. At the current state of the screen is off, Always On feature will function and display a clock with date basis kumplit.

Obviously, it is something new. Gadgeteers are not required to press the power button or anything to be able to see the time on the phone.  

But there is one obstacle. When the Always On feature of this work. All incoming messages and event notifications will appear and then move to other parts of the screen on the phone.

For those unfamiliar with the view that due to this feature Always On. Can be turned off via the settings menu and then enter the display and select the menu always on display.

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