5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared

Development of smartphones is growing every day, various innovations and creativity of manufacturers have sprung up. But all these things are not always accepted by consumers, such as the innovation on the iPhone 7, which eliminates Port 3.5mm Headphone Jack.

Perhaps the innovation is just the beginning and will eventually disappear completely. Innovation smartphone does require space (space) extra and will become a victim of innovation is a feature that is considered to be old school. This is the fifth feature smartphone that disappeared or in the process of disappearing.

5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared

1. Loss IR Blaster At Flagship Smartphone 

Infrared technology is not new, many phones that use this technology in the 2000s. First infrared allows you to send files from one phone to another, but that was before the advent of faster technology such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

Infrared now has come back in the form of the IR Blaster, which you can change as a remote Univesal. Every electronic device using IR remote like TV, AC, Set Top Box, and others you can control with IR Blaster sensor on a smartphone.

But what happens when the presence of today's advanced flagship smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7, and HTC 10? Most of them have eliminated this technology. Although you can still find it on middle-class smartphone.

2. FM Transmitter 

5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared
If you're a fan of N-series phones from Nokia like the Nokia N86, this feature might not foreign to you. FM Transmitter is not a radio but a kind of radio wave transmitter. So it simply is that if you set the FM Transmitter into the empty waves alias is not used by any other radio station, then you can communicate with each other. Perhaps this technology much like Walkie Talkie.

But this technology has been very seldom you find on a smartphone. Perhaps one reason is the prohibition to use radio waves at random by the local government.

3. Thermometer

5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared
In 2002 Nokia released the Nokia 5210, there is an interesting feature of the phone is Sensor thermometer. With these sensors you can show the temperature in the room around you. After a decade later in 2013 this feature has resurfaced in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 combined with S-Health application.

But this feature is no longer on a smartphone today. Perhaps due smartphones have issued their own temperature, so it would be difficult to detect the temperature outside smartphone.

4. Flash Xenon

5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared


This feature has also been popular in earlier times Camera Phones like Sony Ericsson K800 or Nokia N82. But slowly Xenon Flash is not a top priority in the camera phone. This is due to the emergence of the latest technology LED Flash which requires less power and generate fairly bright light.

The development of the current camera technology has also undergone tremendous development as Large Aperture and features OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). With Xenon Flash technology it is almost not needed back in the world of photography.

5. 3.5mm Headphone Jack

5 Useful Features Of Smartphones The Day The Disappeared
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And this was a hot topic last few months since the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Taking the decision to eliminate the port 3.5mm Headphone Jack of choice is not without reason. Because Apple claims that eliminates audio jack is the best thing to make more space on your smartphone to increase the capacity of the battery and the camera optics.

That's five mobile phone features are increasingly disappearing. Indeed, almost all the features mentioned above have we rarely use. But there are some people disappointed with the decision taken by the manufacturers of today's technology. If you want to comment please do not hesitate to taste.  

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