6 Reasons Why You Should Save Quota Internet

6 Reasons Why You Should Save Quota Internet-In addition to food, clothing and shelter; this time human needs must really there is Internet. How quota Internet you spend in a month? With an estimated one week you can run out of 1GB, then a month at least 4GB or more.

How much money should you spend to buy a quota of it? And if you use more than one smartphone, then you will be even greater expenditure. Therefore, mandatory quotas really saving!

Reasons Must Conserve Quota Internet

Because really like status updates, posting photos and chat, so you can forget to pay attention to the existing quotas. Whereas the quota should save loh, because:

 1. Quota Internet Not Unlimited


Some operators do exist that offer unlimited Internet packages, but yes with FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applies. So, when it reaches its Internet FUP then the speed will decrease drastically. You want to surf at speeds that slow?

2. Internet Package More Expensive  


If you are keen to listen to Internet package prices and conditions of an operator, you must be aware that the Internet package offered was expensive. Although no one offers more quota, but there are terms and conditions.

For example, one operator give you 22GB quota. But for only 20GB quota could be using on a 4G network. Yet we know, the new 4G network is stable in big cities only. Loss right? Wallets can be broken.

3. High Speed Traps   


Increasingly fast Internet speeds us, desire to download applications, updates on Path and Instagram, and YouTube streaming is getting stronger. The impact of quotas Internet so the sooner exhausted. And this is rarely recognized by Internet users.

As a workaround, you can limit the speed of the Internet. How to create Internet network you lock in 3G only via the menu Settings> Network Settings.

4. The Many Applications Need Internet access 


In addition to chat and social media applications, in the era of the Internet of Things are now many new applications that need access to the Internet to be used. The impact, if you can not save quota correctly, might even make the quota quickly exhausted.

Applications that need to access the Internet even those that automatically siphon even unused quota. Guaranteed to make deh kalo perforated wallet in your smartphone are many applications that need access to the Internet.

 5. Many Website More Sophisticated

Nowadays websites are increasingly sophisticated and cool. It looks light, but complete. Until not so comfortable conscious smartphone users browsing this open it and make the Internet quota needlessly dissipated.

 6. The More Content Subscription

To listen to music, which is no longer need to download the MP3, but enough JOOX or streaming on Spotify. Even the movie even more easily with Netflix. Easy and legal.

But the problem we have to subscribe if want comfortable to use its services. Already have to pay a subscription, continue to create pakenya to be streamed using Internet quota anyway. Kalo can not the wise use of quotas in other applications, you're going to bother with the swelling of your monthly expenses friend.

Hence, it is important to know how to save huh quota? Well, the edges to keep that under control your monthly expenses.

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