6 Excess or New Features Android Marshmallow

Google is the developer of the Android operating system has been upgraded to version 6.0 or OS called Android Marshmallow. The operating system is the next generation of Android Lollipop is also called Android M.  

Despite the launch of this OS was announced in early 2016, but there are still many new smartphones that do not use the operating system.

Nevertheless, the smartphone which was launched earlier also can enjoy the M's Android OS. Therefore, many smartphone users are curious about the features or advantages of the Android OS and the Marshmallow difference with the previous generation.  

On this occasion I will provide information about the latest features and advantages of the Android OS v6.0 Marshmallow not shared by earlier generations. Check out our review of the following.

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New Features Android Marshmallow

1. Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap
The presence of this feature, shows that Google wants to be more serious in providing services to internet users, especially the access to information. Through this feature users can obtain information much more quickly with just a tap on the part available.

2. App Permission

App Permission
New features of Android Marshmallow also provide flexibility to the users to control multiple applications on devices that use this OS. The presence of App Permissions feature allows users of Android OS M can set whether or not the application should access the Internet, contacts and others.

3. Support USB Type-C

 Support USB Type-C
Excess Andoir other M is already support USB Type-C, because currently there are few vendors smartphone switches from the microUSB port to USB Type-C. Excess USB Type-C can be easier, faster and better in transferring data. Therefore, the latest OS from Google is adding a feature USB Type-C.

4. Support Fingerprint

Support Fingerprint
In addition to support on a USB Type-C, Android v6.0 also supports fingerprint sensor or fingerprint sensor. This is because has many outstanding smartphone that uses Fingerprint feature. It is therefore able to support Android Marshmallow fingerprint sensor features.

5. Battery Durability

Battery Durability
The problem is the rapid exhaustion of smartphone battery power, the latest features offered by Android M named Doze can minimize the battery power consumption. Where the latest features of Android can be used to conserve battery power. Reportedly Android Marshmallow can be maximized up to 2X more efficient in consuming battery power.

6. Android Play

Android Play
The last feature of Android Marshmallow that can be enjoyed is Android Pay. This feature is one of the features that can make a payment with NFC basis. This feature is very easy to use like a credit card.  

Parties from Google seems to seriously want to compete with Appel manufacturers who have implemented similar features that have been first out.

Similarly, information which we can pass on 6 new features or advantages of Android Marshmallow. May be useful

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