6 Reasons Why You Need Not Mutually Change Smartphone

In this modern age, you certainly need a smartphone in everyday life. The development of the smartphone industry is not no stopping certainly make you tempted to buy a new one, right?

But replacing the smartphone not always be the right solution. In addition to the budget spent big enough and does not need to be really, some of the following reasons can you consider and further strengthen you to put off buying a new smartphone.

1. Consider Budget You

If you do have a budget, create excess dressing smartphone, certainly no problem with this. But for you who have the bag just barely what? Switch smartphones certainly spend larger.

It's good anyway budget that you use to replace a smartphone used for other things more important. But still, for you are dying replace smartphones, there is also why the smartphone that you can buy disposable money you're saving.

2. Support Latest Software Update  

Sofware Update
Before changing smartphone, try to check first whether your smartphone is still supported by the vendor software updates. Updates in terms of the operating system is very important, for example, to improve performance and support for multiple applications.

If for example no longer supported by the vendor, it seems you have to think twice to switch smartphones. Choose the latest smartphone that still has long-term support by the vendor in question.

3. Development of Smartphone Not There Endless

Never not it you feel development of smartphones running very quickly? And just out the latest smartphones, uh yet another year has come out smartphone successor of the same variant. Kinda sucks, does not it?

Smartphone companies certainly want to provide the best products to consumers. Updates the device would become the main road, whether it updates the processor, screen, battery capacity, and so on. You certainly do not need to follow this development, right?

4. I Need A Loan Materials Repot So Selfie

Definitely never ngerasain right to use your smartphone dipinjem selfie doang. Already uncomfortable, eh dikirimin not even ask him. If only one or two does not matter, but when tens how? Can wasteful data quota to tell your friend that selfie photo.

Therefore, it looks like you do not need to replace a smartphone. Increasingly, the new smartphone will be equipped with a front camera that increasingly pamper you selfie lovers. The right choice to not switch the smartphone, right?

5. Smartphone You Many Memories Together Si Him

The "him" not just a boyfriend or crushes you, loh. For instance, the "He" is the closest you as friends, parents, teachers, relatives, and others. Certainly a bit lazy to switch smartphones that already has a lot of connections in it.

Changes smartphones, would also need to move data from the old to the new smartphone. If you are not accustomed to backup surely even become confused. Just calm, this way you can create a backup with ease!

6. Smartphone You Can Still Fitted

There are some who think like "Ah, no need to replace a smartphone, they could be using it,"; "Biarin deh already cracked screen, but its touchscreen still could," or "It's okay important lemot can be used, if you've Matot new dressing."

It is also true of their thinking. While smartphones can still be used and is not totally dead, why do you have to replace the new. What matters do not interfere with your productivity. Besides budget you can also save deh.

Well, that's 6 reasons why you do not need to be mutually smartphone. In addition to saving expenses, you can also use your budget for other things that are more useful. Development of smartphones may continue to change, but you do not get stuck in the change, guys! Share your opinion in the comments yes!