7 First Aid To Do When Smartphone Death Total

Using an expensive smartphone, it does not mean you will be in spite of the various problems. His name technology, would not be as good and smooth as God's creation. One of the outstanding issues is, smartphone totally dead.

Sure, many of you are confused when your smartphone was totally dead. Therefore, you can read a few tricks first aid should be taken if the phone you really do not live. Note the following way yes.

1. Check Charger

There are so many events that smartphone total death was caused by a faulty charger. When your phone lowbat severe, obviously the phone was going to die. Then, you charge and you leave it alone. In fact, it's not necessarily charger has been plugged in properly.

In addition, you should also check your charger correctly. Sometimes, not your device is damaged, but the charger you. If you refill then the battery not being charged, unplug the charger you then find other charger. Find the value is greater than or comparable amperenya.

2. Smartphone Screen Life But Not On  

Now, the second point is the other possibility that could happen to your Android smartphone. Lots encountered anything like this. You wonder why HP can not be turned on, but yesterday not see why.

If so, you can try to press the power button long to be forced off, and then turn it on again. How sure is, you can check from vibration or noise generated when opening a new smartphone is turned on. If it can, then you should get ready to bring it to a repairman to fix the screen.

3. Is Falling Smartphone or get water?

Hp Crash
Who often feel this third point? Yes, this point is the most frequent reason why the smartphone can be totally dead. If the correct product is dropped or hit the water, it may be the device you it was so problematic in terms of hardware or screen.

Special to hit the water, do not force powering smartphones. Dry the course for some time so that the water can come out perfectly. Therefore, the water could cause shorting on the part of the phone's core.

4. Are Smartphone Software Experiencing Problems?    

Usually, if you're having trouble smartphone software, then you will often get crashes, restarts itself, and other things which is annoying. So what should you do?

Easy, you only need to fix the software by replacing the firmware. You can flash the new firmware to your phone. Or, the easiest way is you can reset the factory to fix the software problem. Very easy is not it?

5. Check battery

Battery Hp
This one point is a way that can only be used for smartphones with removable battery system or removable. In this way, you can see the battery, if bloating (commonly called fat) or not? If yes, you can simply buy a replacement battery.

Things like this is rare. Therefore, take some time until the state of the battery could be like this. But, whose name is sometimes like an unexpected technology. It could be a sudden your battery bloating without a definite reason.

6. Check or USB Charger Cable

USB Charger
Create Your smartphone users squalid, ye shall be really doing this one point. Yes, if you die total smartphone, do not immediately panic. If some things on top of that is you do and do not find the solution, you should verify USB cable or its charger.

Typically, the charger cable has started to peel resulting from the use of indiscriminate and slovenly. Therefore, try to replace it with a cable that is still worth taking. Do not be a slob again yes if you have the goods.

7. See Screen Logo

If a smartphone you die but can still be turned on even if only visible logo, a sign that your phone bootloop. That means, your smartphone that's not a problem, only it can not run as normal.

For that, you can do easy things you can read on How to Cope Without Flashing bootloop Repeat. So, if indeed this is the case, do not be surprised and do not be tacky yes, it's been found out what happened and how the solution.

Well, that's 7 first aid if the total dead smartphone. Now, you already know not how to deal with Android smartphones that do not want to live? Share your opinion through the comments below.



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