Besides Chatting, 7 function Smartphone Maybe Rarely You Use

Nowadays, I think really yes rarely see people who do not use smartphones. Instead rarely see who does not use a smartphone, is now even more rarely see people texting or phone's wear featured phone. Is not it?

For smartphone users, you use the smartphone for any kind anyway? Chatting and selfie? In fact, in addition to chatting and selfies, there are many other smartphone functions.

Other Uses Smartphone Rarely Used

The only difference between the smartphone is featured phone functions. Aside from being a communication tool, the smartphone is also equipped with entertainment and communication functions. Some functions of the Android smartphone even perhaps you rarely use.

1. Accessing Computers Remotely  

With the functions of Android smartphone, you can access a computer remotely. The requirement, of course you have a computer and a smartphone connected to the Internet. To control the computer remotely with a smartphone, you need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop.

By installing Chrome Remote Desktop application that has been linked with a Google account on your Android and your computer, then you will be able to control your computer from anywhere. For a complete guide on how to control the computer remotely this you can read in the article How Remote Computer Using an Android Smartphone.

2. Coding

Since the beginning of the era of smartphones and Internet of Things (IOT), a term ngoding so often heard. This is an activity in which the programmers struggling with computer languages to create a program. Well, for those of you who really want to become programmers reliably, do not just rely on computers for ngoding. Now ngoding be in the smartphone!

Rather than simply creating programs or applications for smartphones, ngoding even now can be done anytime and anywhere through your smartphone. Simply install the application D'coder, then you're ready to be a reliable programmer who can work anytime and anywhere. 

3. So Microphone in Computers   

Have you ever keen to try the karaoke software or any software that requires a microphone on your computer? If you do not have a speaker, but really need a microphone for computers, tablets can make your Android smartphone as a microphone for recording voice or other purposes by using application WO Mic on Android. You can follow the way to use it in How to Utilize Android For Microphone for Computer.

4. So the Party Speaker

Again the holiday season continues to confuse going to do? Invite friends wrote together to make a little party. Do not need to shell out lots of money and buy speaker party music, it can feel jarring via smartphones as well. The trick is to play music on many smartphones simultaneously, resulting in the entire room will hear the lively music.

To play music simultaneously on many smartphones, you can use the application AmpMe.

5. Translating Foreign Languages Without Switching Applications

Chatting it is fun. Moreover, if the same chat foreigners or people from abroad to use foreign languages. Besides foreigners, chatting as well so feel cool. After all, now chatting can be helped to use Google Translate, right?

But the complicated tablets if any chat at Caucasians kudu moved around application to Google Translate. Now, Android smartphone can now do you translate a foreign language with ease. Yes, with Tap to Translate feature in Google Translate, you can translate a foreign language without having to switch applications again.

6. So Remote

Besides can be used to control a computer, or chat, Android smartphone is equipped with an Infrared port can be used as remote tablets. Remote TV, AC, or other electronic devices that support remote control. No need native apps, the Android smartphone so you can install applications remotely with IR Universal Remote.

7. Track Mobile Number

Amit ya, you'll often curious to know where the location of others, right? With the capital only smartphone Zenly Locator app installed, now you can track the location of another person with a mobile phone number. We do not need more suspicious and wondered where they were, now you can monitor your loved ones with ease.      

Actually there are many other functions a smartphone anyway, like take notes, reminders, alarms and others who already flyer by default from the factory. But, it certainly often you meet and use, right?

Well, that's 7 smartphone functionality that may have you never tried. So, now you know yes if the smartphone is not just for chatting and selfies and doang exist in social media.

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