7 Make Up Technologically Advanced Tools Required You Try

Like waiting for a girlfriend is not it gradually grooming? This grooming ritual turns already exists from ancient times really! If you know, there is a queen of Egypt called Cleopatra's famous and beautiful grooming hobby. Indeed they were happy to look beautiful nature. So, do not dimarahin yes if they are grooming over time.

Makeup technology continues to grow until now. One example is the 7 tools makeup hi-tech below. Several tools makeup technologically advanced version of this I could make time grooming the women so much faster than before. What is there a tool in question? Here's his review.

Tools Make Up Technologically Advanced

1. Temptu Air

Your boyfriend does not need to buy a lot of brush or sponge to apply her makeup because Temptu Air can replace the function of the device.

2. Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator

Color Me Automatic Applicator Foundation was created to emulate the tapping technique in applying the foundation automatically. Those who have a boyfriend hooked collection blender beauty, love deh should know about this one tool.

3. Spinning BlendSMART Makeup Brushes 

How it works Makeup Brushes Spinning blendSMART less the same as Automatic Color Me Foundation. However, the difference is these tools move automatically rotates. For blending makeup, this tool promises flawless results!

4. Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick

Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick can 'magically' removes wrinkles on the face. Well, if that's possible you can also give it to your mother.

5. Mink Makeup Pen Starter Kit

The shape is somewhat painful at first glance yes. But Mink Makeup Pen Starter Kit is very useful for search shade of color that is 100% as expected. So, can be directly applied to the face Friend.


This INAIL will help you live your boyfriend who likes to nail art. Your girlfriend so it would not have to bother for hours waiting for each layer to dry kuteksnya.

7. MODA 3D Makeup Printer

Super-sophisticated tool is still not sold. But from his preview aja this plasticity will save the time needed for makeup. Makeup by MODA 3D Printer, a boyfriend you just select the type of makeup you want, and let the tool in action.

Actually that makes grooming a long time it did when choosing the type of makeup what your spouse want. If it's a problem that one, you do not have to wait long to get the tools above. You know they love enough about the game's best current Fashion Dress Up Diary, which has features of Makeup Box. Through this feature your boyfriend can be picky kind of makeup what could roughly be followed.