7 Most Controversial Game Blocked Android Google Play Store

Of the millions of apps and games that circulate in the Google Play Store, of course not everything is safe and feasible to be installed on HP Android favored us. Among the many applications and games, there are some people who create games with themes, graphics, and gameplay that can be considered controversial.

There is the theme of racism, violence against animals, even to offend the homosexual issue. Of course, the Android game now can not we meet again in the Play Store. What are these games? It's her 7 Most Controversial Game Blocked Android Google Play Store.

7 Most Controversial Game Blocked Android Google Play Store


1. Rush Poker

Rush Poker
Casino game is fun to play, but what happens if there are games on Android that provides casino games with real money bet? Rush Poker do those things, and more disayangkannya longer is it does not restrict the age of users who play in it. Besides threatening the morals of a child, this game is also considered dangerous to make money from the owners of HP Android.

2. Dogwars (KC Dogfighting)

Dogwars (KC Dogfighting)
Dogwars or any other name is KC Dogfighting could reap the controversy in the community. Not because the graphics are bloody, but due to the bizarre plot and tended to torture animals. Dogwars requires players to train a virtual dog in order to compete with other virtual dogs. Game rough and strange of course raises the debate and led to the presence of a petition on the website Change.org.

3. PSX4Droid

It is no secret to anyone that the entire application emulator for game consoles is a violation of copyright. Therefore, had long since emulator-emulator console game in the Play Store cleaned and until now, perhaps we could hardly see him anymore. One is PSX4Droid to make HP Android you are able to play Playstation games are easy and free. But this emulator would still be found on other sites that do not peg the complex requirements.

4. Poo Blaster

Poo Blaster
Poo Blaster, a game created by developer Immature is also the talk of many people due to its gameplay strange and disgusting. Poo Blaster called on his players to control urine is directed to a toilet. Toilets are dirty and apparently we have to clean it by spraying urine all the parts needed. In addition to a very minimal plot, the game is considered unfit to play. Poo Blaster eventually disappeared from circulation.

5. 13 Games with Malware in depth

13 Games With Malware
Watch Out! apparently there are 13 games on Android that escaped from the monitoring team of the filter from the Play Store. The game proved to contain dangerous malware and apparently, entirely created by the same developer. Android games are: Cake Blast, Jump Planet, Honey Comb, Block Crazy, Crazy Jelly, Tiny Puzzle, Ninja Hook, Piggy Jump, Just Fire, Eat Bubble Hit Planet, Cake Tower, and Drag Box. Although all the games that have a good rating on the Play Store, but it is strongly suspected that all the positive reviews that exists is the result of engineering and originated from bots or mercenaries.

6. Smack a Celebrity

Smack a Celebrity
How it feels when you're annoyed by a particular artist and want to hit them? The game then becomes dealer frustrated you are. Celebrity Smack a real theme is simple, you are required to hit artist in this game, to face hard to recognize. There are a few artists that can be selected with a name like Barack O'Mama spoofed, Just-N-Beaver, until Clara Loft. No doubt this game condemnation from some who are not happy.

7. Ass Hunter

Ass Hunter
Recently there was a game that we have previously discussed last year in an article titled 9 Apps and Games Controversial Blocked By Play Store (18+). Although this game has long disappeared in the Play Store, but it seems still exciting to be discussed, considering he took the theme is quite controversial.

 Ass Hunter lifted odd gameplay where you have to shoot the men naked in the forest that is considered gay. If you fail to shoot them, then look out for any character you play will (sorry) fucked by these people. Very odd indeed.

It was her most controversial 7 Android games are blocked by Google Play Store. Did we forget something? Do not forget to give us feedback via the comments below Friend.