7 Most Controversial Games and Blocked in Some Countries

Playing games is one of the best ways to spend leisure time. Even so, not all games we can play with ease.

There are several game full of controversial and banned in several countries. Most of this game includes various acts of violence, offend certain countries and many more.

Any title game? This is the game's most controversial and banned in some countries My version.

Most Controversial Games

1. Command & Conquer: Generals

Command & Conquer: Generals
One of the Command & Conquer series of games is indeed the theme of war between nations. One of its missions is to defeat the country as enemies of the player.

However, the game Command & Conquer: Generals is not allowed to release in China as it includes a mission that requires players drop nuclear bombs and destroy the city of Beijing.

2. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2
Manhunt is labeled a gruesome game of all time. In this controversial game players play as psychopath who kill people in any way.

Worse yet, the game displays a realistic sadism. No wonder if Manhunt banned in more than 10 countries such as Germany, America, Australia, and Korea.

3. SAW (2009)

Inspired by the controversy the film franchise of the same name, SAW, this game has the genre of survival horror.

The game takes place in a hospital with patients who tried to escape, of course by way of killing each other.

As in the movie, this game is filled with brutal physical violence.

4. Grand Theft Auto

 Grand Theft Auto
Grand theft Auto (all sequels) seems to continually get the attention of law because there is always controversy.

Not surprising really, considering the essence of the game is related to the activity of the criminal world. Crime may include physical and verbal violence, murder, and of course, stole many vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto (or rather, developer Rockstar Games) has been sued repeatedly for was responsible for inspiring teens to kill. This game holds the record as "Video Game Series Most Controversy Throughout History" according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

5. God of War

God of War
God of War is a series of action-adventure based on Greek mythology. The player has a mission of revenge against the Greek gods.

Characters that will be played is Kratos, a Spartan warrior and a demigod. Broadly speaking, the game is relatively offensive.

The game is also featuring violence due to a focus on the act of revenge. In addition, there is a complicated puzzle game to continue the story.

One thing that makes this game very controversial. This game stumble case as it includes scenes of Kratos with the brutal beating of the Goddess and finally killed brutally.

6. Hatoful Kareshi (Hatoful Boyfriend)

Hatoful Kareshi
Boyfriend Hatoful in the game, players will have a love affair with a dove.

The main character you shall not be pigeon but a girl who started second grade at St. Pigeonation Academy. The Academy is filled gifted students and all students are birds. Clear again, all the students are birds!

Hatoful Boyfriend is a dating simulator that prioritizes character image and text-based conversation. Players are required to Choose the options available in the talks and conduct seduction to the bird. Relationships that controversy.

7. Crazy Gods

Crazy Gods
Crazy ballistic gods or Gods is included in the strategy RPG genre. Narrated generals of 3 Kingdoms, namely Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun; and also whiz magic of "Journey to the West", which is Sun Wu Kong, Tong Samchong, and Nazha.

Crazy Gods considered quite controversial because all the heroes in this game is the god of war and legendary figures, but depicted in hilarious and cute characters.

Not made hilarious and funny, there are some skills that can make you laugh until mules!

That some of the game's most controversial and banned in several countries versions I team. If you have more game titles, do not forget to share in the comments yes.