7 Quick Ways to Get Hundreds Subscriber YouTube in 1 Day

Having subscriber (those who subscribed to a channel) that many on YouTube is a dream for many YouTubers.

With a lot of subscribers, usually the number of videos posted faster than the one seen by many people who have little subscriber.

Despite how to get subscribers on YouTube is quite difficult. There are a few tricks to try to resolve the issue.

Any tips and tricks that can be done on how to get YouTube subscribers quickly and for free? Here are the steps.

How to Get YouTube Subscriber

1. Title

Giving a title is the main thing to make the video you see a lot of people and get a lot of subscribers.

To specify a title, you can create an attention grabbing title or viral then.

Suppose, you are a discussion topic "Accelerating the Internet connection in the Android", the title of which can be used is "It's Him How to Speed Up Internet You 3 Fold" or other titles but not too lebay well.

2. Viral

YouTube is the largest video site today. Everyone who wants to see the latest videos and viral certainly run into YouTube.

You can use it to create a viral video based on the current trend. By doing so, it will be many who view your video and you may also subcribe channel.

3. Unique Video

Unique Video
Unique video in question is different from the other channels. As much as possible, you produce original content of your own.

However, if you can not, you can take video others (although it is not good) and create a new video with a different perspective.

4. Watermark

Adding a watermark is quite important when you publish a video on YouTube.

With the watermark, people who intend to take your video to be re-uploaded with a different perspective would be deterred.

In addition, the watermark is also easier for visitors to remember the name of your channel. If you often see a video that you add watermark, likely the person will subscribe to your channel.

5. Upload Regularly

Upload Regularly
The most ideal time span for uploading videos on YouTube is once a week.

If you are devoted to create a new video, a video course you will more appear in the YouTube search. Your channel will be increasingly well-known and does not take long to how do I get YouTube subscribers quickly.

But the thing to remember is too much upload your video in one week could complicate your channel visitors in finding the video they want to see.

6. Promotion

Promotion is one important thing to be able to get a lot of subscribers YouTube. For starters, you can campaign in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.

Another way that can be used for promotion is by commenting to a YouTube channel that is already well known. Here you can visit the YouTube video was viral and give comments to invite to view the video on your channel.

7. AddMeFast

If all of the above can not make you a subscriber increase significantly. You can try on the website AddMeFast.

AddMeFast sites offer a variety of things about YouTube could add quickly, such as YouTube Subscribe, Likes, Favorites and Views. How to do it?

  • Open AddMeFast sites and do registration via the link to get 300 points.

  • After registering, select Add Site / Page in the upper left.
  • Put things are necessary:      
Type: YouTube Subscribe
CPC: The contents of 2-10 (the larger, then the increase YouTube Subscriber also faster.)
Username / Id: Username Channel You
Total Clicks: Off
Daily Clicks: Off
Receive Clicks From: All genders
and: All Countries      
  • If so, click Save Changes. Next you just need to wait.

That's some way to get YouTube subscribers quickly and for free. If you have any other way, do not forget to share them in the comments field. Good luck!