7 Tools spy Cool Steampunk Style

What is in your mind when talking about the spy? Would most likely immediately thought of James Bond yes. Fans of detective that one must have memorized exactly dong with all the sophisticated equipment.

But, do you know if the 19th century had many spy tool that was created with a touch of vintage classy and elegant?

In this article, JalanTikus will show a variety of spy gadgets with steampunk style that fits really used by the spy in the Victorian Era.

Best Spy Tools

1. Camera Pocket Watch

Camera Pocket Watch
This object is a camera hidden in a pocket watch. At that time, you'll often see dong the gentleman who wore a pocket watch? To infiltrate and take pictures without suspicion of carrying a camera, this one thing would be really useful!

2. Pin Gun Cane

Pin Gun Cane
One more thing that is often used by the gentleman in the Victorian era: walking stick! At that time, bring walking sticks everywhere is not a strange thing, but makes the look super classy. However, many also sticks modified for the purposes of espionage as in the example above.

3. Lighter Camera

Lighter Camera
For the fathers from ancient times until today, lighters certainly never escape from the pocket. The difference, if ngerokoknya disposable cigar bygone era. Well, it turns out besides pocket watch, lighters can also be used to hide the camera you know.

4. Ring Gun

Ring Gun
If you enter the room suddenly carry a big gun certainly obvious really dong? To overcome it, the old days were created ring that serves as a small pistol. This little pistol capable of firing six bullets diameter of 5mm.

5. Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm
Looks like a beautiful display, but this one turned out to be a tool that is sort of a door alarm that can be used by the spy to keep the room from intruders!

To use this object, you just put it beside the door. When someone opens your door, this thing will be a noise like a loud bell!

6. Wrist Watch GPS

Wrist Watch GPS
If the past has been no such thing tuh GPS. Everyone must rely on a map. In order to facilitate travel / reconnaissance, objects similar to this watch very useful to put a map / blueprint small. You just need to roll the scroll down to view the full contents.

7. Pistol Purse

 Pistol Purse

Which is suitable to the spy nih women. Behind the elegant shape of the wallet, it turns out there is a place to store the gun!

However, the gun can be stored in the wallet can save only one bullet. So, can only be used when a really precarious.

For those of you who like to collect vintage objects, ya should start looking for objects that are on top. If it were just like any steampunk style gaming should also know the latest fashion, Dress Up Diary which has a myriad of types of fashion that can be mix n 'match as you wish!


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