7 Ways to Take Care New Gadgets To Always Visible

In this modern age, our life is inseparable from the use of various gadgets to support their daily activities. The price of the gadget itself is not exactly cheap, so it is natural if we have to use and store them carefully in order to be durable and long lasting.

Reporting from Brightside, through this article Jaka love ya know about the tips and tricks on how the heck do I care for a gadget that can make all the gadget always looks new. Ranging from smartphones, headsets to computers, can be treated by following simple!

How to Take Care New Gadgets To Always Visible


1.Roller Cleaning Clothes 

Roller cleaning clothes can also help get rid of dust or feathers attached to a computer or portable speakers you. Besides making you shine speaker, in some cases can improve the sound quality.

2. Clean Earphones with Toothbrush 

The period you confident wearing earphones kumel heck? Well, to get rid of impurities that have accumulated in the grille headphones, use a toothbrush. The trick, place a sheet of paper or cloth on the table, hold earphones with grille facing down and clean it carefully with a toothbrush. In addition, you can also clean all parts of smartphones, especially in the gaps with a toothbrush.

3. Clean Cable with Eraser  

Be it a USB data cable, charger, or earphone if cleaned with liquid substances it makes so sticky and cause interference with the function of the device. An alternative way to make the cable looks new again is to use a pencil eraser made of crepe rubber.

4. Brush Interdental to Clean Headphone Jack  

Headphone Jack
The interdental brush is a brush to clean the sidelines of the stirrup. However, size is also suitable for cleaning your headphone hole. Before you start cleaning, make sure the device is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop really is off ya.

5. Sticky tape or Scotch tape to Clean Keyboard  

Consider the computer keyboard you, definitely dusty right? Easy steps to effectively clean the keyboard is to use masking tape. Masking tape can lift dust attached on your keyboard. Well, if it is clean, hand you would be more comfortable right when typing.

6. Clean Screen Gadgets Using Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth
Perhaps you do not know what it was Microfiber. It is made from synthetic fibers that are processed without the use of chemicals. Fiber is divided many times that size is smaller in diameter than a human hair that is able to clean microfiber cloth so as to reach a hidden area even in the crevices of the surface. Nice to be used to clean a computer screen.

7. Clean Screen Smartphone or Tablet with Plain Paper

Plain Papper
Did you know, paper is great for cleaning glass screen. It can even help to get rid of any scratches appearing on the smartphone or tablet. Use circular motions, rub the scratch anything with paper, then scratches will disappear in a few minutes.

That's how 7 how to care for the gadget well to create the look you have always looked new gadgets and so durable course. You have another way that is more effective in treating equipment gadget? Share in the comments friend.


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