How to 8 Tips to Fix Damaged Charger

If there is a small problem when charging the battery, you must be confused guaranteed abysmal. Whether it's charging a total failure, slow, or the percentage of the battery up and down, you definitely feel impatient.

Quite often people jump to conclusions if problematic charging means phone starts to break down. Though not necessarily the case. In fact, most of the charging problem can be solved easily without the need to buy much less new service center.

So, if there are difficulties with charging you, first try a few tips on repairing damaged charger following before you buy new.

Charging Troubled? These 8 Tips to Fix Damaged Charger


1. Correct position on the Port USB Strip

If you notice, in the middle of the USB port there is a small strip. The strip is sometimes slack and make the USB plug is not stable. That is what often causes the phone could not charging properly. For that you have to fix them back into the right position and stable. It is simple really, you just need to bring it up a little towards the top using a toothpick. This trick works for most of the problems with charging.

2. Clean Dust   

The presence of dust or dirt that clogged in USB port can also impede the flow of electrical power. Try to blow it fast manual or using a straw. When this option is less successful, use canned air compressor. Stronger puff of air from the compressor will definitely be efficacious to expel all blockages in ports.

3. Replace Cables 

Charger cable is part of the most easily damaged. Especially when cables are often rolled up, bent, pulled, or allowed to remain plugged in even if it is not used anymore. Try to replace kabelmu and see how it goes. Do not carelessly buy cable. Choose which current is in accordance with your charger. The information you can see on the label on the charger adapter-mu. One more thing, try to select a thick cable that are not easily damaged.

4. Use the Right Charger

Although the shape of the plug together, not all of the charger can charge the charger bateraimu as good as the original default. Differences may result in slow charging current or even batteries to leak.

If you need to use the universal charger mobile phone charger or the other, you should make sure that the charger has a current and voltage that is equal to your original charger. Charging of the power bank, laptop, or any other source Whatever the outcome will not be as comfortable as charging of the original charger.

5. Check battery    

Smartphone battery is not designed to work optimally forever. Usually, after passing the age of 2 years, the battery began to show signs of obsolescence. This can you see clearly. Try to turn off the smartphone and remove the battery. Note whether the battery is a little bulge or there is a discharge. If yes, then it's time you buy a new battery. Do not forget, buy the original so that the quality is guaranteed.

6. Upgrade or Downgrade

Sometimes, the software upgrade can cause problems such as battery charging or slow charging extravagant. If you experience problems like this after doing an upgrade then you should downgrade software system back-mu. In addition, an upgrade could also fix various bugs cause charging problems. Usually this effect will be felt upon the Android system upgrade itself. While upgrading the application will not show a significant difference.

7. Turn off the Smartphone

You're used to playing mobile phone even when he was in-charge? Maybe that's the main problem. Especially if you open the application pertained wasteful power applications. This habit will make the battery be easily leaked. The best conditions for charging the phone is switched off in total so that the battery can "nap" for a moment. Guaranteed, this way accelerate the charging duration significantly. If it is not turned off, at least you can turn on airplane mode.     

8. Calibration

The battery indicator has become a very useful feature for us to ascertain how much power is left. However, this indicator can also be wrong. If this indicator error, the case that often happens is that the battery never reaches 100% when in-charging. Or, so easy to drop the battery when not long in-charge. Fixing this problem is easy, namely by means of calibration. Battery calibration can be performed either on a smartphone that has been rooted or not. Here's how:
  • Do not charge the smartphone and let the batteries ran until he died alone.
  • Turn and let your smartphone switches itself off again.
  • Charge smartphone is turned off until the indicator shows the level of 100%.
  • Unplug the charger.
  • Turn on the smartphone and see if the indicator still showed 100%. If not, recharging mobile phones in the ON state until it reaches 100%.
That discussion on the theme of this article hopefully this article can help you. And do not forget to leave a comment if you do not understand it    


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