80 Percent of Teens Do not Know the Difference Between Advertising and News on the Internet

For a site owner, advertising becomes a major source of income. No wonder, if ads are placed on the parts that invites visitors to click on them. However, who would have thought, according to a study conducted by researchers from Stanford University, 80 percent of teens in the United States was not able to distinguish between advertising and news on the internet.

Research conducted by Stanford aims to determine the level of news literacy among American youth. They are asked to do in response to the article that appeared on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, photos, and others. The result, the researchers collected as many as 7804 responses from students who live in 12 states.

The researchers said the results show how low the level of perception of the youth in the United States. Many consider adolescents as having the ability smoothly in bersosial media. Considered to know how to get the correct information in the social media. However, who would have thought that the assumption was wrong turns 180 degrees.

The facts revealed by researchers from Stanford University, this is only done in America. However, look at similar phenomena in Indonesia, there was a possibility that the same thing also happened in Indonesia. Moreover, both in America and in Indonesia, is now facing the same problems. Namely, the spread of false news. Therefore, any Internet users should have the ability to get accurate information.

However, if the distinguishing advertising and news alone can not, how teenagers can find accurate news?   


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