Acer Aspire One CloudBook, Cheap Laptops Latest From Acer

Speaking on the laptop in Indonesia, the company Acer is one company that is trusted by consumers. Acer is among the most in demand today because this laptop displaying a laptop or notebook at an affordable price, attractive models and also various features that are easier to use by consumers. 

Acer Aspire One CloudBook, Cheap Laptops Latest From Acer

Acer Aspire One CloudBook

Hence many consumers who prefer to choose the brand Acer laptop for her. Because the technology was further developed and therefore can never stop Acer also launched a new gadget in order to provide the needs and best services desired by its loyal customers.

Not long ago precisely in August 2015, Acer officially launched its latest laptop re-named Acer Aspire One CloudBook, this laptop is a laptop with the latest technology of Windows yet with prices that are accessible to customers with lower economic class.

Indeed, that is the advantage of Acer Aspire One series CloudBook this, in which operational technology used was Windows 10 which is the latest technology, even with the latest technology but Acer Aspire One series CloudBook's fixed price offer can be said to be cheap for the size of the latest laptops with technologically advanced.

This laptop is comprised of two variants to choose from, available Acer Aspire One CloudBook laptop with a screen of 11.6 inches and a screen of 14 inches.  

The price for the latest Acer laptops are starting with $ 170 or equivalent to Rp 2.2 million, quite affordable right? The design of this laptop is no less than another Acer laptop, the slim size, elegant and lightweight, making this laptop is easy to carry anywhere.

If you buy this Acer laptop in addition to the latest operating system technology then you can also get a bonus that is a free subscription to Office 365 Personal for one full year without any paid or free.

The screen quality is offered using technology Twisted Magnetic or commonly called a TN panel with the screen resolution is 1366 x 866 pixels.  

This laptop is equipped with a processor of intel celebron Braswell N3050 which is the next generation with a dual-core speeds up to 2.16 GHz at the entry-level power provided from this processor includes robust plus more RAM memory which has a capacity of up to 2 GB.

Problem connectivity CloudBook Acer Aspire One series includes a standard, it is still the same as most laptops today. But there is one more bonus that you can enjoy when you buy the latest laptops from Acer is for 1 year, the first use you will be able to enjoy onedrive 1TB of cloud storage for free.


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