Advantages and Disadvantages of Acer One 10

A cross between a notebook and a tablet, may be found on the Acer One 10. This product answers the needs of a large community, would the two devices. 

The launch has been conducted in January 2015. As with the creation of other gadgets, the products made by Acer have also discovered the advantages and its drawbacks, here are some advantages and disadvantages of Acer One 10.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acer One 10


Can Versatility, For Notebook or Tablet

Acer One 10
This device is designed with a very innovative. Because it can get four modes at once on a single device. You can take off and put it up again, according to the needs and functions are to be obtained. Any mode of appealing and functional?

Notebook. This device greatly assist the completion of various studies or work. Acer adds precision keyboard, so typing more comfortable activity. For those who like to write, this gadget worthy accompany your busy life.

Tablet. You can split the screen and keyboard. So they can use it as a tablet. Very functional and comfortable, to access the Internet, play games, open social networking accounts and so on. Dimensional screen is very fit and did not bother to take a trip.

Tent. Without taking keyboarnya, you can put these devices like a tent. It is suitable placed on the table. In order for the activity of watching a movie, video clips and so more comfortable. If you love cooking, it can be a modern guidebook.

Display. Users can detach the screen, rotate it and put it up again. So that it can support the presentation or discussion, the easier and interesting.

10 One design is very unique and relatively thin. So the more comfortable in take it wherever. Because the weight is not so heavy. The landscape reaches a 10.1-inch screen, a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Touch screen technology has been applied to this device.

This gadget can be categorized as a tablet and a notebook. Because it is also equipped with a keyboard, in order to more smoothly when going to type using 10 fingers. Magnetic Hynge Keyboard Dock technology is already applied. So the tablet can be placed on the keyboard, use magnets which have been designed with immaculate.

Only Support Network WiFi, Without a SIM Card Slot 

Acer One 10
The device is supported with a WiFi connection. So they can save internet usage charges. Because you can use the service free hotspots in certain places. Activities surfing in cyberspace, no longer hampered by the absence of a pulse. Unfortunately, does not support 2G and 3G networks, since there is no slot for a SIM card.

So if you want to use this tablet, should look for a WiFi connection. Can utilize a smartphone or hotspot in a specific area. Indeed, for people who are always busy in the region there are many highly profitable hotspot access.  

Unfortunately for those who are far away from WiFi access, will have difficulty utilizing these devices. So to say, one drawback lies in this sector.

There are applications Office 365  

Office 365
Affairs of data delivery, you can rely on micro USB and Bluetooth. To facilitate the transfer of data between gadgets. For the operating system, these devices rely on Windows OS 8.1, which will be upgraded to Windows 10. 

The Office 365 is a useful feature that is pinned on this tablet. So users more easily, when going to write or edit a document in the form of Excel, Word and more.

Photography sector Less Maximum  

Acer One 10
For the photography sector, arguably less qualified. Because the tablet is simply put back camera with a resolution of 2 MP only. As for the front camera, the resolution is only 0.3 MP whose quality is the same as VGA. Coupled with the absence of LED flash feature, making the picture less than the maximum.

Kitchen Runway and Capacity Battery

Acer One 10
The internal memory of this device is quite large, with a capacity of 32 GB. As a temporary storage medium, also embedded with a capacity of 2 GB RAM. In addition, also added with a 500 GB HDD. The kitchen was redone reinforced with a quad core processor with a maximum speed of 1.33 GHz. To run all applications, Acer pinning a battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh.

Price Acer One 10  

Acer One 10
To take full advantage of this product made by Acer, you can buy it at a relatively affordable price. In the Indonesian market, Acer One 10 is priced at around 3.9 million. With all their advantages and disadvantages, be sure to select users or even turned into other products. 


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