AirSelfie, Unique Tool to Take Photos Selfie in the Air

Trends take a photo selfie now becoming more sophisticated as technology develops.

After their selfie stick, camera action until a drone, this time there is a new tool that allows you to enhance your photos selfie-mu.

The new tool named AirSelfie has a variety of interesting features to try. Like what AirSelfie greatness and at what price?

AirSelfie, Unique Tool for Selfie in the Air

AirSelfie is a miniature flying machine made by AirSelfie Holdings Ltd. By working principles such as drones, this tool has seubah small camera inside to take the unusual images.

Unlike Drone in general, AirSelfie has a small size and does not take place. You can save AirSelfie in a bag or in a pants pocket.

Specifications owned AirSelfie include a 5MP resolution camera with features stability, 240mAh battery, MicroSD Card, a variety of sensors, WiFi 2.4 GHz, power bank case.

To control AirSelfie, you can use a smartphone based on Android or iOS. By installing the application and connect via WiFi, you can take photos, videos, set flight paths and much more.

When AirSelfie flown, you can use 3 different functions, such as:  
  • Selfie Mode.
  • Flying mode
  • Selfie Motion Control Mode
Interested to have it? AirSelfie go on sale in early 2017, but you can pre order if bought on Kickstarter. AirSelfie in Kickstarter sale starting from € 62.


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